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    I'm playing the game right now. And i understand less than i did before those comments about combat system and the problems regarding gameplay, because the game is just as any modern game for movements and skills, the targeting system is better for me in the old school form. And what i found is a difficult challenging game, easy to die for some, even experienced youtubers show how they die playing this game and it looks like that's the problem, i mean THEMnot the actual game.

    So when Aeria get this out, this will be awesome. And if they put a pve server will be better, more people for the game.

    Combat system then, in my opinion, it's PERFECT.

    Good to hear the non-target/action combat is being worked on specifically in terms of healing. It's pretty much impossible to heal an ally target with a non-aoe heal atm without having to click their character/hp bar, which defeats the purpose of non-target. It's refreshing to see a company not only take into account people's feedback but also update the community about progress. Transparency is very much appreciated. <3

    Yes is really amazing, i agree with you 100%.

    And here goes my feedback. Please Aeria game, don't change anything. The KR version is perfect. The game is old school, challenging. Killing monsters is not as easy in other games, in fact some say is someway like dark souls but not that much. People is saying you need a party to kill some common mobs to not making it so hard. Of course this opinions are meant to be negative in most cases.

    My opinions is the game is designed by old school gamers and made for old school gamers who played Lineage 2 and other more difficult games. And now more and more players are thanking that kind of games. I do.

    I include the target system and healing others part of this view. The thing must be hard to be fun, that's how real gamers enjoy, that bring us good games like The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls and i mention them because we need that in MMORPGs. I used healers in Lineage 2 with that target and combat system and was so much better and fun than the nowdays casual system.

    Kids ask , cry and want developers to change games and make them easier so they can "win" or whatever they do. That would be really bad if the world had this thinking for everything.

    Nice post. I have a formed opinion on pvp players and they mind, they personal problems and how they try to solve them in a game. About how the game exploits that because pvp players tend to pay more and be more competitive so they are more profit for the business. But explaining all that and how i'm in this world would be large. The important this is you are right overall. But, it is possible a pvp on/of button in one server for everyone, maybe with a delay. Also TERA pve server had guild wars so there where pvp. The perfect model for me would be 3 factions not 2, two in open world war, the third neutrals with no pvp, for pve players or those who want a rest/ whatever. Lineage 2 C1 had something like that in a server i played back in 2005.

    I'm "Gamer inclined" but not a kid so, i'm tired of stupid behaviors like forced pvp or virtual bully. I played Lineage 2, was faun, was PVP focused with a perfect system, but was challenging and i was young with much free time that i would never ever use in a game again, and less in that way.

    And can say after playing all the big pvp mmorpgs and not so pvp ones, that this will be 50% time you doing pvp, and all the 50% of that time will be because you want or because you don't but others do. In other words, you will be playing this if you like pvp, if not, you will be suffering this.

    The point for me is i do not want to suffer in a game, or to involve so deep in it to challenge others and enjoy it in the way it is designed to. I Want something where i can do what i want, when i want, if i want and how i want it. Some would say "a pve game". No, because i love PVE, i love PVP and i love ROL and at least some pvp focused games like blade and soul gives you the choice of "pvp on/off button". I like the wars, politics and sieges, but i think that should be an event and not forced. Guild Wars 2 style, even when in isn't of my taste that game.

    1 hour pot and no less, but wouldn't make sense in a pvp server unless you kind of use them as a "pve" instance method. Hope aeria bring a pve focused version or solution, if not, i'm not playing this games anymore, i only go for pve servers right now because of real life.

    Makes perfect sense to pantheras not being mystics. There are things, characters that works or make sense for some things and doesn't for some other. Big muscular guys, beasts, they make fit better to close combat classes, high HP , constitution and all that.

    This game is not understood by many people. I put this simple, this game is like Lineage 2, and that was a hell of a mmorpg.

    About paladins. I don't know, but has heals, and has heavy armor not cloth like mystic in tera online. Not tera online mystic was a healer/buffer thing, support they said.

    This paladin looks like a support but more tankier. Not sure about this but, i'm sure they use heavy armor.

    Mystic looks like Lineage 2 shilien elder or some kind of mix between that and others. But it's clearly a healer/buffer class with debuffs, Lineage 2 style.

    I'm playing Aura Kingdom with my Girlfriend. I like Aeria games. First of all, i will play if this has PVE server, gankfest i pass.

    But i have to ask you guys, please, don't mess with the combat system, do not do that with the "unresponsive" control thing. American players, some not all, have a taste for certain things in games that the rest of the world doesn't.

    For example: The fluid movement in characters that some players like, for me as a old school hardcore gamer that is not better, is mostly worst. Because it makes sense that the control of the character has to be someway challenging and not easy. For most gamers if it is well made, it will be well received as well.

    Example of game with difficult , clunky or unresponsive movement in the character? The Witcher 3. And is known as the best RPG ever made, lot of prizes in the world and exceptional critics from all critics almost.

    I know is different than a MMO but, it's a game, action rpg.

    If it can really be improved, ok. But don't change something only because some people is asking for it. Most of the time the consumer isn't right about what they want or what they think they want.

    I know the game will be amazing and i will be playing it , i'm waiting for it while we are in AK.