Super laggy

  • I have had only minor issues til Saturday but the game has been playable. I haven't changed anything on my computer but since Saturday evening the game has been super choppy to the point I cant even play, its like watching a slideshow. I have tried relogging, rebooting computer, adjusting the graphics settings and adjusting them back. Has anyone had and fixed this issue or does anyone have any advice for me that could make it less laggy?

    Anything is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • The game is known to be optimized incredibly poorly. You can find tons of fix-it guides out there that involve editing the .ini files.

    Other than editing them and doing the fix that Kaomech linked, there's not much else you can do.

    And if you're playing on a laptop, going and setting your computer to read your dedicated (not integrated) graphics card helps.

    They did supposedly fix an issue with memory leaks, though, which did help on my end, but I still need to utilize literally ALL of the available .ini edits out there.

    I went through and put all the .ini fixes I use from various guides in a Google Doc, if you'd like me to post a share link here.

  • Ok just incase anyone comes across this thread what worked for me was the opengl thing. I will paste it below. Credit to Kaomech.

    LAG/FPS issue NVIDIA PEOPLE!: I met someone in game who mentioned this and despite unreal3 engine not supporting this whatever it changes...made my game beautiful!

    basically you go to your games folder

    Install > Steamapps > Common > Bless Online > Engine > Config > BaseSystemSettings.ini - open in notepad

    hit CTRL+F - type opengl youll get a line that says opengl-false or something like that

    type =True

    make sure you have it exact its case sensitive... save

    now open down bottom right Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3d Settings

    set it to Bless.exe go down to OPENGL and select your graphics card from the drop down menu and save it all ...

    RESTART YOUR PC and begin playing... the first time i logged into the game after this it was choppy for a good 5 mins then smooth as day ever since...

  • made ahuge differnece for me ... although since I have;

    reverted back to compatibility mode back to window 10 / i have told steam to verify all game files again ...

    Since doing this my game hasn't cut out every 60-120 mins of play

  • i have the same problem i connect my game i choose my charactere when i enter the game i have a very very biggggg Laggggggggg 1 time i play correctly 1 time only now all the time i try to play impossible because it's same i have a very big laggy it's not my video card i have a AMD RADEON RX VEGA 56 my pc i have i7 32 giga ram i dunno why this game no want running correctly