[NA] MAGA / Forestcrow(Mangobay)

  • Yo bless up boyos can't wait to play with you guys again!!!

    ღ Great Friends, Great times, Great :)

  • IRL Name: Jarl Baalgruuf Ironfist

    Age: 16 but very mature

    Location: Eastern Mexico

    Class: Paladin (me hammer)

    Hobbies: LARP, RPing, making beer in Black Online Desert

    My Backstory: Jartor lord Iron (my name) born in the north with cold winds howling in the night... mother has baby and seems ok will survive (medieval medical lol) and she sighs oh wowe glad I lived lmao frick. Anyways she breathes out and daddy father of jartor says ok I have a son nice thats pretty great. Jartor comes out very strong baby and grips sword with hand FIRST ACITON he is a BORN WARRIOR. Anyways noblemen betray my family who are also noblement their blood strains this carpet and wehole kingdom union STRUCK by tragedy.... Jartor trains long tirme at farmers house and is HERE FOR REVENGE ON BETRAYERS!!!! lol hope u like it man

    Hello guys and shaewnzy, I PMed the gentlemen scoot (?) on discord and he has not provided offer message back. Perhaps afk? Lol thats ok I am very intrested in playing with u all. Looking good and sweell hope to see u in game GLORY TO THE UNION !!!! Haha Xd just some RPing humor I love to RP *salutes, armor clackeing loud in room and shakes room because heavy GREATSWORD ON BACL* text me please

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    "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith W.

  • Hi all!

    You most likely remember me from the Edan days, I'm BladeBoques streamer on Twitch and also leader of ExceptionaLegion, the premiere PvP guild that was on Edan.

    I have good news for you all; I will be bringing myself and my band of followers to Bless Online, forming under the ExceptionaLegion banner!

    I'm looking forward to giving my all to Mango Bad and all its toxic players. Let's just say, you won't be stream camping me this time around :P

    I can't wait to see you out there.