Guild Database

    • The KhaosBrigade is a guild with ambition. We strive to be the best with great comrades by our side. Helping each other get stronger, better and making friends. We are a PvPvE/roleplaying guild. Don't be shy, join in and have fun.
      • Felix Legions is a guild that is just starting out from humble beginnings to what we hope to become the largest guild on Bless Online. Join us and become a soldier of a Legion
        • Tales spread across the country side telling of a legend. Legend says they descended from wolves and foxes. To us we call them Kumiho.
          • Coordination is key to success. We offer a Drama Free environment, High-quality leadership that helps its members, Most of all we offer you a group of good chaps who just want to have a great time.
            • A community of quality people on the grind. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming, and we have a sick Discord with a bot for patch notes, when BG goes live, and the Bless twitter.
            • KOR

                KOR (Knights of the Round) "None above one" Server: Chinuwa. Fun crew doing casual, endgame. PvP and PvE, we won't let Union spill your HP without retribution!! #KnightsAssemble
                • Guild with few friends but now open for others! we were once "EndOfContract" but now under a new different guild name "FortKnight" looking for nice, active +18 players.
                  • In the midst of Cocoon's destruction, there was a group who saved it. Cursed or blessed, they have the power of the l'Cie and use it for good. Do you wish to join?
                    • Casual guild for players that want a friendly group of people to play with. Leveling, PvE, PvP, crafting, etc. Still working on a schedule. Guild Leader: Firelilly, Bless Online Emissary Server: Gagato
                      • Looking for a Gaming community that has been around for 15+ years and is active, fun, and very organized? Look no further as Vendetta has your back! We are a multi-gaming community and are looking for active players to join us in Bless Online.