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    Welcome to the Reborn Reborn is a Gaming Community that has been around for more then a decade. We play many different games & game types.
    Notorious is a large, non-restrictive, multi-gaming community founded in Lineage 1 and carried into multiple games thereafter. Discord | 18+
    We're a Serious NA PvP Guild coming formerly from BDO with two large guilds, together, a brotherhood now united under one flag, Synergy.
  1. PDX

    PDX PVP Oriented guild, that also loves to do PVE activities. We are looking for Active members who enjoy all aspects of the game and want to explore this amazing new world with us!
    Adversary is tight knit online community, we're hardcore MMO players with a lot of drive to be a top tier guild in whatever MMO we play. Top of the Charts, always.
    We are a multi-gaming community that has been around for 5 years and are looking for active players to join us in our adventures on Bless Online!