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  • kingcowkiller -

    hi ich kann das spiel nicht downloaden bitte um hilfe

  • Joahalex -

    Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it.

  • Mavzerick -

    Furia, as a long time MMO player one theme I have found is that if there is any hint of a pay to win mechanic in the game, it reduces the player base longevity by a ton. Please I hope the dev's from KR keep this in mind. Purchasable content in game should be PURELY aesthetic and in no way impact your stats and character strength in game.

  • Apokalypzen -

    Hey! I wanna play as well just wondering if it's legal to use vpn and play otherwise I have to wait for Europe release?

  • mrtkol -

    i donwload russian version need a vpn to play and where can i find it

  • mrtkol -

    can you tell me how can i play bless im from greece

  • iloverey -

    hi, why delete my posts? i don't understand..

  • Zazaaji -

    I see you added a seemingly permanent background to your posts (since I know you don't have the gems to buy it). Any chance me, vega, and Organic can get a forever theme too? Pretty please? 4,,

  • DGSwagg -

    hello can i ask please i already install the game how to start it

  • Drk -

    Hey man I've been working on the english patch independent, with my guild , if you need someone completely dedicated to bless , hit me up !

  • Signex NL -

    Do you still use thos graphic tweaks? could you re-upload them for me? Thanks in advance!

  • Stryder -

    Hi Furia. I sent you a pm in regard to open positions at Bless. Thanks.

  • SALVI -

    bro i send you an email can you unser me plz

  • HaxGamer -


  • Iri01 -

    I wish I too could play it , but if no English version of game ,,well :/

  • paphook -

    Dear Furia, i have about 6 days trying find a way to play this game.. Is there any English version of it ? If you can help me about send me some info about please because i think its a really great game !!!! Also i am Leader of an old MMO team... All my members wait me to tell them about... We are old players started playing MMO from Lineage 13 years ago !!!!

  • venoemzul -

    where me if want donwload game .. can u help me

  • jas1212 -

    i can play this game if im.in middle east?

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