Adversting (For Guests and Members with less than 10 Posts only) is Live!

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    • I wanted to stop by here to let you know that the Bless Roleplay Community is still active (especially with the recent news!).

      If you plan to RP in Bless stop by and say hi!
    • Oh this sounds awesome. I'll check it out this weekend. It should get better once we know and understand the lore. I think Role Play might be more difficult at the moment currently without much world building involved.
    • We'll see how it goes! There are many who want to take advantage of the two factions at war story line. We shall build our OWN WORLD!! *insert evil laugh here*
    • Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Bless Roleplay! We are still around and kicking.

      Interested in roleplaying in Bless Online? Stop by and check us out. Info in the OP.