bless access

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    • You can't access the NA/EU server, because it doesn't exist yet. Bless may come to NA/EU in one or two years, after the Rebuild Server is finished updating.

      However, you can play on the Korean server on either the Live Server or the Rebuild Server (this one is basically a test server for upcomming major features and changes, all of those changes will be applied at once on the live server and will be available on the potential future EU/NA servers).
    • Darkpocoyo wrote:

      wohhh rly? 1 year w8ng for it and naw i read i can't play for 2 years more?? T_T im from Spain and when i saw it i say lol new game with wow movements (neverwinter) and graphics of Lineage 2 it can be awesome.... and i have to w8 3 years? i think in dat time alot new games born
      He just said that you don't have to wait, you can play game in mean time on Korean server.

      I'm downloading it atm.

      There is youtube video that explains how to get into game.
    • I would also download the KR version but i dont have the patience for it, since i dont know well how VPN works etc etc. Im just waiting for the western version and unfortunaly we must wait 1-2 years until its release. If you live in Europe then its fine to play when it releases, i've heard there would be an IP Block and in the previous site i asked if it will have IP Block on Greece(where i live), and most of the people who responded said there will be no problem. In conclusion, NA/EU players will likely have a normal access to the game :)
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