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Bless Rebuild problem

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    • Bless Rebuild problem

      Hello Guys i just started to play bless online again after they close RU.

      I just download the clinet and vpn and bought account.

      I start the game and now its crap: game loading so long and after that in menu when i ceate character i got low fps and when i create character game loading and loading .......
      wtf is with this?

      I play on laptop Lenovo Legion y520, im sure its not a problem with laptop i can easy play new game like Doom2016 on ultra and witcher 3 ultra. Can someone help me with this ?
    • I moved the game files to an SDD to improve it. On my SSD it is close to the live server. However don't mistake the rebuild server for the live server. The rebuild is more like a test server (I guess).

      Not sure why they let the game load so many files at the start. I mean last session I played the game consumed 12,5 GB of ram. Not that I gonna mind it but I don't really wanna load the entire game into my ram.
    • Ups .. there is new home page .. o.k.

      on this page, on the rigth up corner is the text "Rebuld start". Press this and you get forward to the next page from
      the Rebuild. On this Page you have two buttons (a red and a grew). From here you can use the description to
      download the Rebuild client from Nito further.
    • I played on RU server and the Rebuild server is much better for me. Are you turning off the vpn after secure module icon apears? If you open the game with vpn on make all slower. But i have been playing Rebuild for 2 weeks now and i think its much better then RU bless. The initial loading yes takes a bit but nothing compared to RU server. To handle RU server i had to get a ssd at the time, on rebuild my firends that dont have ssd say is smooth only long loading in the begining and thats all. Hope you have fun at the Rebuild.