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Suche Gilde für steam-release


Class Discord Servers


Resolution above 1080p



Any JP Players?


Grumpy Wolf

BlessJP fails to load



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  • Naxep -

    Posted the thread Suche Gilde für steam-release.

    Hallo Ihr, suche eine deutsche Gilde zum Release auf steam. Gerne TS oder Discord. Bin ein Hardcore pvp und pve Spieler. Habe noch keine Blesserfahrungen (außer videos) sammeln können. Mmorpg-History: KalOnline Tera Seafight BDO Revelation Freue…
  • Jerome15 -

    Posted the thread Class Discord Servers.

    I was thinking that a great idea to get people help with their classes would be to make discord servers specifically for classes, kind of like what BDO has. It's a great way to have pinned FAQ's and skill builds so that if anyone needs help with those,…
  • Anttyr -

    Replied to the thread Resolution above 1080p.

    Hi Grumpy Wolf, In which ini file you have changed the resolution.I work with 2 4K Monitors 28" and will try to change it. The complete path would be very helpful, because there are a lot of ini files. Btw. in the past there was some settings for the…
  • Grumpy Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Any JP Players?.

    Are there any guilds that actually speak english right now? I would love to run a dungeon, but pretty much impossible if you can't communicate with others.
  • Grumpy Wolf -

    Replied to the thread Resolution above 1080p.

    ok, I figured it out, it's much like the english pack, when it checks for updates it replaces the file, so if anyone else is running into this you need to basically edit the ini file, save a copy, then replace it after it does the file check and before…
  • Grumpy Wolf -

    Posted the thread Resolution above 1080p.

    I have a 1440p ultra wide monitor, of course my settings won't let me go anywhere near that in game. I have gone into the ini file and changed the resolution to 3440 x 1440, saved it and then even set the file to read only. Go into game and of course it…
  • Zilver -

    Joined the Guild Blackhand.

    Membership (Guild)
    Hey hey everyone, I am Icy, guild leader of Blackhand and i want to welcome you to our thread here on the Bless-source fansite. Myself and the guildies, have been following BLESS since 2012, and i can assure you we've…
  • Pentrep -

    Replied to the thread BlessJP fails to load.

    Oh well. It shouldn't be that long of a wait. You aren't missing much at the moment anyways.
  • Sywo -

    Has answered on a comment by Zilver to the Guild Blackhand.

    Comment (Guild)
    Sup Zilver, and thanks/
  • Sanjuro -

    Wrote a comment on the Guild Blackhand.

    Comment (Guild)
    I played Assasin , Ranger at the very beginning and i was dissapointed in pvp . I played Palladin until 43 lvl in the rebuild server but iwas never been healer in my mmo life and now i m trying berskeker and have to say i didnt expected that he has very…