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BLESS RU Server Shutdown FAQ full translation.



Bless RU closing servers?



hi, newbie here :D


Bless - Guardian vs Asassin 1v1 PvP (EndGame Gear)


Potential NA/EU Censorship speculation.



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  • Nariko -

    Replied to the thread BLESS RU Server Shutdown FAQ full translation..

    Thanks for wonderful translation. I feel both sad and happy in the same time, happy cuz I know this shutdown is done for the greater cause, that is yet to come. Does any1 of you Fine Gentleman knows what is Icarus like !? Is it worth playing in the…
  • snky1987 -

    Replied to the thread Bless RU closing servers?.

    I am not that optimistic though... Indefinite time sounds more scary than "Aeria is still publishing Bless. Launch somewhere in 2017" and as we know it did not happened. Personally I dropped Bless 2 weeks ago (RU OBT) because endgame started to be…
  • jerico00013 -

    Posted the thread hi, newbie here :D.

    hello, i kinda confuse here, i want to play this, but cant find where is the download link. im from ragnarok 1 still playing, but i want some new game. a game that i can spend most of my time with new friends. hi to everyone pls adopt me me to ur guild…
  • Sultan Alaaddin -

    Posted the thread Bless - Guardian vs Asassin 1v1 PvP (EndGame Gear).

    Both characters have high- endgame gear.epic set and +5 runes. youtube.com/watch?v=nKPYkGwT-gw
  • Daemonic -

    Replied to the thread Potential NA/EU Censorship speculation..

    Quote from Puremystic: “its already editted in korea to bl ” It still very much resembles a negative appearance. Them changing it to brown just proves even more that lol.
  • Daemonic -

    Posted the thread English Patch (For KR and Japan).

    Hey guys, so CULT is going to improve the English Patch, for use on KR and Japan. Clown Deity's patch and the old KR patch are almost there, but still need some work. We will be doing the following. Cleaning Up spelling and grammar mistakes (that…
  • Daemonic -

    Replied to the thread KR English Patch.

    TY Furia so much, so much better than the Current KR patch. However, his patch still messes with our OCD, I know English is not his first language, so CULT is currently running through the patch and making changes and fixes to spelling grammar and bad…
  • vegax87 -

    Replied to the thread BLESS RU Server Shutdown FAQ full translation..

    your translations from russian are perfect ;)
  • Hezrou -

    Replied to the thread Bless Russia to shut down next month.

    Not surprised on the "bad optimization" comment seeing as the Korean server has some pretty bad optimization as well on some places. This is very unfortunate to read, though. :|
  • Meikty -

    Replied to the thread Judgement - Guilde FR (Serveur Russe, Union).

    Bonjour à tous et à toutes En raison de la fermeture des serveurs Russe le 25 Mai prochain, nous allons en profiter pour lancer la migration de notre serveur Discord sur celui des Crusaders pour faire en sorte de regrouper tous le monde sur un seul…
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