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Add a way back to the main site from the forums



December Update for Race/Classes


Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!



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  • IPD -

    Liked Cerberus’s post in the thread Add a way back to the main site from the forums.

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    There should be a clear link that takes us back to the main site from the forums.
  • Hitokiri -

    Replied to the thread Add a way back to the main site from the forums.

    Yer 100% agree would be a nice thing to have :)
  • Hitokiri -

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  • Jerome15 -

    Posted the thread December Update for Race/Classes.

    From what it looks like, there is going to be a video shown on November 30th to give information about the big December update which sounds like it includes the Mascu and Ranger/Mystic. This is just going off of Chrome translation on the main site if…
  • Hitokiri -

    Replied to the thread Official TwitchCon recap and FAQ!.

    Just my 2 Cent on this IMO Bless on Steam should be F2P but with a cash shop of course, not a cash shop filled with pay to win items but a cash shop none the less to keep the game running with cosmetic items and QOL items like more bag space or a cool…
  • Furia -

    Replied to the thread Donations now available.

    Since Backgrounds are for free now, Donors can choose their own unique background instead, like a screenshot of their Character for example. Users that already donated in the past can send me the image they would like to use. Remember that it must be…
  • wendellhill -

    Replied to the thread VPN PROBLEM.

    I would suggest paying a little and going with a paid VPN provider as its a one time hassle and wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Go with ExpressVPN as it has ample servers in Korea and is fast too. I am using it for getting early access for games…
  • Hitokiri -

    Replied to the thread Bless - Guardian vs Asassin 1v1 PvP (EndGame Gear).

    Man Assassin's look so fun to play on Bless darting in and out timing ya next attack perfectly using your stealth wisely i bet there are so many Assassin's in pvp like battle grounds and arenas and stuff
  • kuroro -

    Wrote a comment on Daemonic’s wall.

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    hi can i ask where can i download the english patch for bless jp