Adversting (For Guests and Members with less than 10 Posts only)

Shadow Of Corruption

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Hello, and thank you for your interest in our guild. SoC is a small, tight knit guild with lax leadership. We wish to keep the guild small in order to maintain unit cohesion and effectiveness. Our primary focus is pvp, though we will also participate in pve content. We do not back from a fight, and will often provoke the larger guilds because why not? The guild will be casual, as most members have other obligations that will take priority. Though our playtime is casual, we play to win. We take content seriously, though in a friendly environment. We do not place blame, we analyze, adapt, and overcome. Our guild members come first ALWAYS. You should always keep the best interest of your brothers/sisters in mind in all actions that you take. We are one, act like it. Any questions, please feel free to pm Amykari.

**We have not decided on a faction as of yet. Most likely as we gain new members we will take a vote on which faction we wish to join. Please feel free to suggest at anytime though.

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