• IPD
    Hello and Welcome Momo :)
  • Momo
    Hi hi all
  • Valbunny
    Good?? Just start posting there and see if anyone responds to you?? ^
  • SRTero
    Whats the opinion around here on getting the games or off topic forum active again?
  • Nariko
    Try softether =)) worked for me
  • m1tch
    Whats a good vpn to use?
  • Sarcastic
    is there already any page where I can see the final form of every pet and mount?
  • Sarcastic
    great :)
  • Superguy
    Appreciate that Sarcastic. Just got it figured out with this site:
  • Sarcastic
    here the link in english :D
  • Sarcastic
    I just looked for the same letters in here and copy-paste them:
  • Superguy
    Having trouble with Japanese captcha for account registration. Could anyone please help with translation? Thanks.
  • Sarcastic
    ty I tried again to start the download without vpn and now it worked (first time it gave me an error page)
  • IPD
    Sarcastis, Try this. Start the download process and STOP your VPN for example at the first 3% and leave it for a few minutes. Just to check out if you'll notice any increase in the downloading speed.
  • Sarcastic
    I was able to do all the steps and download the jp launcher but the second file is more than 20 gb and with the vpn on, so i can't download it cause the vpn remain connected for an hour at most :(
  • Furia
    feels like they focus more on the other versions than on the korean version atm
  • Sarcastic
    Are they going to release ranger soon in rebuild version or do I need to download jp version if I want to try that class in december?
  • Nariko
    here, try this
  • Ratsakh
    Is there a Forum post on getting the (Korean Rebuild Version) to run smoother?

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