• kuroro
    hey guys can you tell me how to patch bless online (jp)
  • CreeD
    hey? someone here
  • IPD
    SUPER! I'm happy it all went well! GL & HF :)
  • Anchii
    now it worked :) just took some time. thank u!!!
  • IPD
    Ah! Sorry mate! I really hoped this will help you.
  • Anchii
    tried that, but it doesn't reach the 10%
  • IPD
    Idiot (me) ! After it goes OVER the 9%, just turn your Japan VPN again.
  • IPD
    Hmmm, That was interesting. Start the Client, Let it go until the "freezing" 9%, than STOP YOUR VPN. Go back your "normal" connection and see what happens ... :) I really hope it will work for you and everybody else too ...
  • IPD
    Yep. Just noticed it "freezes" at 9%.
  • Anchii
    can't be, cause it always just stops at 9% and nothing happens. tried it with different vpn servers AND waited half an hour...
  • IPD
    Anchii, From what I'm seeing at the moment, the launcher is not stopping, it's just updating.
  • Anchii
    i'm playing jpn version, they had mamintenance last night. launcher now stops while file checking (cookedcontent/cache.dat), am I the only one with that problem? ideas?
  • Ashlander
    This is the first time.
  • Astarte
    if you didn't log in in last 3 months your account needs verification
  • Ashlander
    Anyone else get an iPin or phone number identification page when trying to launch the game? This was with Bless, downloading ReBuild now to see if that still does it.
  • IPD
    Turned out I had to change the VPN server and it worked.
  • vegax87
    refresh the page
  • IPD
    Anyone knows if the Japan OBT is working or it has ended? It doesn't load the site ...
  • End3r
    im not picturing it just to lvl45-50 im actually talking about this with lvl100 in mind if by some miracle Bless does reach that, perhaps i would be a grandpa by then ._. by the pace that things are going lol
  • End3r
    reason why i am saying this is because you might not be able to max 5 skills, perhaps 2 or 3 if lucky. and that's not so flexible, there is some SP potions or whatever they are called which grants you extra sp's but i don't think that's enough tho.

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