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  • can i have you skype or facebook please..
  • Hi Nito,
    Just posted a problem that I have (…Step/?pageNo=3&#post31896 )
    Your help would be greatly appreciated ^^
    In advance, thank you !
  • is the discord server info somthing you can give out. if so could i get it please.
  • add me facebook and help me pls :(
  • Bonjour,

    Tu peux peut-etre m'aider quand je télécharge le jeu bless tout va bien mais quand je le lance de mon navigateur internet explorer cela me marque un message RAM 4 en coréen et le jeu tourne au ralenti je dirai meme il est injouable.

    Peux-tu m'aider SPT MERCI
  • Do you know how many skills Assassins are missing? I feel like 2/3 of the builds are semi incomplete.
  • If anyone want to share/contribute to translation process, please pm me. I guess we can build up a little team to translate things faster.
    • Other than that - visit…1TWUZON1BGWVU&usp=sharing for materials
  • hi nach dresden xD
  • My love :$ hihi :P <3
  • 16,000+ words thesis - still going. My minds feels raped, ahahaha xD
  • I picked up the translation where I left off. Finished the PvP - Sieges&Siege System. Depending on how things work out the next weeks I'll continue with skill builds which recommended by the developers.
  • Hi nito:* How are you ? very quiet ^^
  • since some user's pmed about translation process - I'm not translating anything at the moment. Got too much to do to spend time on other things. Sorry for that, will pick it up where I left it sooner or later. But since CBT 3 isn't in sight... well...
  • Finished the Berserker skills. I will now go for the PvP, RvR, Castle Sieges, etc. after that I'll go for the developer advises on how to skill your character :d
  • Skill translation almost done. Next is RvR. Then we are complete (for now, haha) :D