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    • as much as I like to see Bless getting popular I won't bother keeping it alive for even one single second. To clarify - our version.

      In all honesty - they haven't learned one thing out of 4 god damn launches with one basically being a re-launch/ public testserver.

      I was an early supporter of the game and the game had it's flaws in the core version. Rebuild improved it, RU Launch was a disaster, JP launch got the hopes up. Our launch was the nail in an already prepared coffin.

      So why bother with support a company which bascially re-sells the game and gives a damn about the quality the ship out. What did they expect when shipping out something on Steam EA, taking money for it and only for people to find out it is way worse than everything before. Hell the fan made google translations were better, more accurate. Also the whole community relations were and still are handled awfully.

      Yet you even approach them and ask them to make a faction change item as cash shop item? I'm sorry but for the love to the genre but let it go. This is not the right thing to so and I do hope it will not come to this. If so.... I really can only facepalm so hard I hope I lose the memories from all this mess.

      Again I really would have loved playing Bless. But not like this. And quite honestly if a company doesn't learn even one thing out of these many releases you can't really argue they value the game as they should. And with publishing it under Early Access they basically threw the unfinished version at us without ever caring about it.

      So please do not support these doings and carry this mess longer than it needs.

        • well with the exception that less than 5% remain on this game which is by far not healthy.

          Not sure if they relaunch the game by the end of early access but I doubt the game will recover from the situation right now.

            • well quite honestly I really don't like the Western Version. Mainly because of the skill system and some of the many flaws like the gimped Translation.

              I leveled 3 45 chars up to this point and will stop for now. Maybe after some time I'll stop by and see where it went but right at this point I've lost interest.

                • Its nice to know there adding more servers hopefully because tbh the stormblood launch was way more hellish than this games launch. Nice to know we have a flood of players to PvP with.

                  Well it's always the same but I don't think they underestimate it. It's simply a decision by "is it worth it". They couldn't really estimate a player number because of sold copies (remember many games sell they founders packs weeks in advance so they have rough numbers. Neowiz could'nt). And every new server instance, channels, etc. costs money. It's natural they start low and keep adding servers (even if it results in maint. though everyone who ever played an online game at launch should expect this. Everyone who's raging about it is either a kid (sorry but not sorry) or a new player.

                    • well for soloing content it's okay but I don't expect it to be oh so amazing like back with the old 3 core skill system.

                      The Paladin Core was kinda easy mode in PvE, Pull a bunch of mobs and AoE kill them while practically be immortal.

                      Wonder if this still works.

                        • well there will be a time difference of a few hours between downloading the client and the head start. So if they are monitoring their sales they should estimate how many ressources each region needs before hand.

                          And what the others said.

                            • So you rather pay monthly for 2-3 years of gaming ($10-15 x 2 years = $240/360) for premium advantage like unlimited axes plus premium "luxury" or pay for certain luxury for one time? I rather pay for cosmetics I want that I get to keep (don't lose if I stop premium) as an investment over paying monthly. You can make SOOO much money for special events and limited items during events. I am sorry but the sub system is not as popular as it used to be and not as desired anymore. People still play WoW not because of subs but because of content... if Neowiz creates awesome stories/content, good events, limited (Halloween/Christmas/Chinese New Year)… they will make money.

                              Premium useless... ask Archeage and SWOTOR about sub... and let us not forget LOTRO. Premium is limiting to those who don't want to spend money on premium (not because of being poor or jobless) because it is unnecessary.

                              I am excited about BLESS since 2011... I want this to be an MMORPG to stand by and promote, but this Premium stuff is starting to bring me flash backs to Archeage and SWOTOR down fall.

                              Honestly if Neowiz can maintain the game for a few months longer because of this subscription I gladly pay the price. Secondly I don't think you can make soo much more money with timed premium items (like the unlimited tools like in GW2) or can satisfy peoples demands. I mean limit these sales to 1 or 2 a year and people cry that it's unfair. Put them into the subscription benefits... people cry again that it's not good. There is no winning side here.

                              Also the subscription perks are not really mandatory but you should go for it obviously. I mean it doesn't matter if you are active or rather casual player (time wise) the boosts and bonuses will really help you get things done better.

                              But it doesn't create an unfair gap like in ArcheAge. So not sure how Bless actually relates to the mess ArcheAge still is.

                              Would be nice to actually have something similar to plex or apex here as well. Again.... doesn't really matter but they could go for it.

                                • Yeah, that's definitely the best variant. ;)

                                  But I do not have my hopes too high, what I've heard even Xigncode doesn't protected Bless RU version from cheaters and at some point some bored kid will try to cheat, despite the game price.

                                  XingCode and GameGuard are like windows firewall or norton. Always interfering with common programs but doing nothing of substance against a serious cheating software.

                                  Pricing has never done anything to prevent RMT, bots and hackers.

                                  well the paid ArcheAge Alpha for 150 bucks was the best experience of the game to date with I think 1 bot within weeks of Alpha time which got taken down after a couple of minutes. I'd call that a prevention method but I admit - the alpha isn't a profitable ground to run bots and sell gold/goods as everything will be lost at one point.

                                  I really hope they don't exploit the 2 game copies system - as it was mentioned in another game forum - You can basically buy the game plus the copy, gift the copy to someone and then refund it. A few cases went through it but normally it get's detected. Just hope it doesn't happen here.

                                    • Optimization has always been a big issue and from what I've seen in the videos, they haven't really addressed it yet. As for whether you can run this or not? You'll have to wait and see.

                                      well the first KR iteration was wonky but not that greedy in terms of RAM (around 6 to 8 GB after 2 to 4 hours), rebuild was really gobbling up my ram.

                                      The performance is well.... as always in MMO's. Pretty on the low populated areas but sucks when doing a massive fight.

                                      Again.... I think RAM will be a main issue. The others persist through time and many games so I wouldn't hope for anything optimized. I just hope someone releases something similar to the FPS fix back then. That being said their config files are more like a riddle and anything clear.

                                        • well the korean service was nice so I don't think there'll be oh so much problems.

                                          What I don't get is why they don't hand out the client a week prior. I mean it's a piece of cake to download it and get it running with steam. I did it with Tree of Savior the other day so not sure where the overall problem is - besides late hotfix patches, etc. from Neowiz's side.

                                            • Okay, all cool and all, but what about THIS?

                                                • You may resurrect with gems on death spot or walk back to corpse like WoW

                                              Am I the only one that thinks this is actual bs? There will be no challenge at all at any part of the game if you can just keep spamming resses forever.

                                              the cooldown is 30 minutes or at least was in KR. So it's a livesaver when doing a dungeon run. Otherwise it's not even worth considering as you spend cash shop currency on it.

                                              Please don't paint the devil on the wall and try to find any sort of problem or issue just to justify any "rants". Nothing personal here but a lot people are currently acting like the world suddenly ended.

                                                • On the steam forum they are enraged, I mostly see negative posts. Hopefully Neowiz will save their game on the conference. I don't like to play Archeage all over again and Black desert for that matter.

                                                  By all means this isn't ArcheAge which is build around milking whales or at least heavily encourages cash shop use.

                                                  Bless was and is not build around a cash shop. I mean technically they started building it with the pet stuff and such but again....

                                                  What I honestly do not get is - people are outraged by the last package. 200 bucks... good amount of money. Do you all have to buy it? - No, you don't.

                                                  Premium Membership will likely end up being a mix of KR premium (skill deck, no travel cost, additional storage, etc.) and some daily dungeon tokens. Maybe but I guess that's it. And it's good if they go that way because the game costs money and probably only a tiny faction will get premium service if they make it "optional" but not "necessary".

                                                  Premium Customer Service - I guess it's priority server access as well as priority on customer service, maybe a monthly q&a with the devs (since it's early access), etc. etc.

                                                  Also the amount of lumena + the skins + the addtional base game + extra 30 days..... there is value in that.

                                                  Im really ashamed that the common comment is "bye bye bless" and on the 28th many will proudily present their founders title. Always the same.

                                                  But I agree that 200 bucks is too much. 99 to 129 would have been acceptable by a good majority.

                                                  Anyway I don't care. I'll get the big pack so I don't really mind the cost.

                                                    • If you go here, where neowiz posted this information, and where all official bless info drops: they say "(This preview video was taken in a development environment and therefore does not reflect the final version)"

                                                      So this is basically only to say, Look....this is us so far. This is most likely not the current iteration of the class combat, but progress they had in the redesign process that they are just getting around to showing us.

                                                      Well let me redo my statement a bit. In my opinion the videos shed a false light on Bless. The videos showcase the new combat system from the development environment but it is already May. And EA is set for May. So a lot of people - including myself - will take these videos as class previews and not something which showcases the current development status. With that being said - I think they could have done better even if it is just development showcase

                                                      Also I mean inhouse staff and not stuff.

                                                        • well I would support working for another faction later in the game if the game had any goals worth spying for.

                                                          I mean community makes the game and such but again.... there aren't any big fights like the first tries to conquer divine fortress in Aion where serveral guilds and raids had to communicate. Spreading false information worked wonders in such a big thing. Also ArcheAge first conquest for Auroria. The sheer amount of backstabbing, drama and resulting faction and guild wars, was insane. There were guilds and players which couldn't progress further because the whole server killed them on sight. (a few weeks or so).

                                                          About factions - I could see a third faction/factionless players work similar to ArcheAge pirates. However given that the game doesn't have that kind of setup and again no real goals to fight over in the open world I don't see it worth the effort.

                                                          Also faction switching will mostly result in one faction being op while the other one basically sucks. I could get behind something like switching factions because of balance. So to say if one faction suffers from low population, player from the other side are able switch one time. This is only a late game thing since early on you can simply re-make your character.

                                                            • Not going to lie but Paladin looked freaking disappointing. I mean not much has been shown but hell.... this isn't a preview for inhouse stuff. I almost can feel the boredom creeping out of that short video. Also wondering about healing... probably still shortcut healing and nothing AoE, Targeting based (cones, lines, etc.).

                                                              Well combat seems a bit more dynamic though the quality of those videos are not really all that much professional gameplay. I feel a lot player could have done that better.

                                                              Sigh... I might re-roll my ranger if Pally on full defense spec will suck.

                                                                • well I'd be careful on that one.

                                                                  As the article states - it can impact you on other plattforms. If you use the customer protection too much PayPal will flag your account and temporarily disable it since a possible abuse might be present. If you use paypal often I'd take this into consideration. Happend to me once and I only used customer protection service twice a week (bad ebay sales) and they already told me that transactions on my account would be on hold for at least 3 days to get them approved manually. (Note: this was 4 years ago - they likely updated the rules so not sure if it applies now)

                                                                  Also some companies will decide it by the time you played. After 20ish hours they are probably gonna refund you. After 100 hours or more it's a real pain to convince someone to refund you and you probably won't get it.