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    • I have the same problem. I can't tame anything since the bar just jerks along. It doesn't matter what server I'm on, the lag is always there and I just have to forget about being able to tame anything.

        • Thanks for the dungeon guide, Domness. The only small addition I could think of would be for a picture of the dungeon floorplan with indications of where the bosses are. That's just a cosmetic thing, though.

            • i dont get why people want trade, its really better this way, it removes a lot of annoying things we usually feel obliged to do, if your friend wants an item, just buy one from him, he buys one from you, parity of golds.

              If I want to sell something to a friend and make sure they get it ... I can't. I have to list it on the AH and they have to hope they can snag it. Trade and personal interaction helps us grow as a community.

              I used to roam around newbie areas and gift them extra gear I had, or if I got a drop that my friend could use I'd hand it over to them -- secure in the knowledge that if they found something for my class they'd give it to me.

              But, to each their own.

                • Okay, all cool and all, but what about THIS?

                    • You may resurrect with gems on death spot or walk back to corpse like WoW

                  Am I the only one that thinks this is actual bs? There will be no challenge at all at any part of the game if you can just keep spamming resses forever.

                  In one of the first videos I ever saw on Bless -- so, back in the dark ages -- the people in the dungeons were using stones to instantly revive. They mentioned it being a cash shop item and commented on it being useful so they didn't have to walk.

                  It doesn't seem too game breaking; just convenient. It spares you a walk, but it doesn't do much more than that. (From what I saw of the video.)

                    • If the title is what makes you happy ... there's still plenty of time to save up for the deluxe package. Me, I'm going to wait two bitter, envious days -- sulking and glaring at twitch and youtube streamers -- waiting to buy the regular game.

                        • I'm looking forward to what the emissaries have to say about the changes, as well as to find out if there's going to be an announcement on prices for the game and start time ...

                          But thanks to the title of this post I now have the soundtrack to Les Miserables in my head.

                            • I find this game isn't really that alt friendly. At the same time I don't think it punishes you for having them either. But it is going to be very hard for people who keep alts to maintain them in the long run.

                              Why do you say that, Pen? Is it just because of the time needed to train up the life skills for one character -- for armor and whatnot -- or for some other reason?

                              I like both tanking and healing so I'd planned on one of each class, and a third character just to play about as a DPS.

                                • You dont need alts to get all those mate.... just get a group or guild to play with and then do nice pve mate, that is best way to get the armour and stuff..... and will also be making a lot of money....

                                  Well, I'd have alts regardless. I ... may have a problem there.

                                  I'd heard, though, that jewelry doesn't often or easily drop, and since it's more expensive to make than it's allowed to sell for (based on other servers, so who knows with the new release), it would be useful to be able to trade with another player rather than to hope I can snipe something through the AH.

                                  And while yes, I could go jewelry smith for my tank, I'd been planning on armor for the defense buff. It'll work itself out, though, I'm sure. I just wish we'd be allowed to trade with other players, even if we had to have them on friends list or something.

                                    • Ja man, same here... Power leveling is something that really shouldn't exist XD....

                                      But i do not think you going to have a lot of spare time to make alts. Rather put in more focus on your main?

                                      Main? What's a main? >.> I've always been a bit of an altaholic, and If I want to have armor, potions, taming scrolls, bread and jewelry .. it sounds like I'll need at least two alts. That, or to be rich enough to buy what I need off of the AH.

                                        • Well the only way you can even remotely try and power level is if it just 2 people, and leveling alone is still better than that, and the two players will have to be relatively the same level as each other.....

                                          I hate, hate, hate power levelling. In my first MMO I'd be whispered with some equivalent of "plvl plz" several times an hour. Bleh! I love this game not having the ability to power level someone -- even if it does mean my alts will have to climb up on their own.

                                            • So far, Neowiz hasn't let us trade, player-to-player. But we can put things on the AH and hope our friends are quick enough to snipe them.

                                              However, I've seen people mentioning mailing things to their other characters.

                                              So, if I have something I want to give a friend (or trade with a friend) can I just mail the item over? Can they mail currency or other items back in return?

                                                • I'm a fan of guild houses, guild halls ... not so much personal rooms for myself, but I can understand why others want them. If they could somehow combine it -- like Namus said -- with a guild hall/base/whatnot where a player could have their (instanced) lodging, that would be best, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

                                                    • As an alt-aholic, what I'd really like to see is a chance to get enough character slots to have one of every class (and race). I don't really care for class change tickets or race change tickets. It's sort of world breaking.

                                                      If you want a new class, make a new character. Unless the option for a class change took you down to level 1 so you could start over on that class with your same name/appearance/etc.

                                                        • That's fine but I typically try to avoid it unless there's a quest I have to complete for it that isn't a daily. Unless someone outright goes out of their way to troll me in game, like MPK, then I'll retaliate. You can't turn a blind eye to stuff like that. The only game I really PvPed in was BNS and I was above average at best.

                                                          Heh, us average people have to stick together. There are dozens of us!

                                                          But really, I'm glad to see more PVE fans.

                                                            • I loved having a battle recorder/thingie. It lets you keep an eye on slackers (and if you're like some people I used to play with, it lets you know when you're winning the dps race.) I hate dead weight in a dungeon -- not poor players who can get better or new players who don't know the ropes, but people who just want to be carried because they'd rather 'save mana' or just have to afk for the hard parts; giant pet peeve for me. -- and the dps meter let me see who was pulling their weight and who to never party with again.

                                                              I'd love a threat meter, too. Mostly, I'd really like some way to shrink or adjust the size of the UI. The crafting mods seem to be useful, but there are also guides out there that have that information, already.