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    • Nothing is ever going to reach World of Warcraft's peak (11 million subs). The last reported subs for WoW is 1.6 million, which means the real number is a lot lower. Fairly certain current MMOs can (and do) surpass WoW.

      That's true in all honesty.

      World Of Warcraft was only as big as it was when it launched due to the hype it had and the amount of PR which was done prior. Then when players got to play the game, outside of the major server issues it had and such. Some players left or even refunded the game (personally saw this happen with friends and family and even customers) but the majority of the Gamers playing stayed because it was quite an engaging experience for them at the time.

      Now World Of Warcraft is suffering because it hasn't been improving it's core mechanics in a efficient way, instead they have been making decisions which made things worse and done certain things which was against the already established lore in the game. Then there is the issues of the community, the World Of Warcraft's community has gotten quite bad to the point where most of the players you play with in pugs and such are really no different than the types of players you see in League of Legends. Then there is the combat being to dated for the modern mmo player, players which play games like Blade and Soul, Tera, Black Desert Online, and etc. Most of them cannot get into World Of Warcraft due to how dated the combat system is for them (Personally tested this on 20 players who never played wow and only those games listed) and then there is the engine which needs some serious improvements, which in all fairness they have been improving here and there but they need to just make a completely new engine at this point.

      The amount of players ingame isn't very high, at most there is prob no more than 500k to 1 million players in the game at one time but the exact number is hard to get as they instance and phase the bloody heck outta the game so you wont be on a "dead" phase, plus they're also trying to work around the major limitations of the old engine and servers they still use for the game too by doing this.

      I still play World Of Warcraft from time to game, as I like the lore in the game but I'll be honest here. I really don't think it's capable of lasting for another 5 years unless they do some major rework to the engine, game mechanics, and etc. Essentially creating a new game at that point. Which they wont do, considering that the game is making to much money and it's easier to just slap together a thing then dish it out to the players still playing the game. Sure, they'll moan and groan if it's bad but you can always just say "sorry" and make a minor tweak to it and they'll be not as mad as before cause "you'll be listening" but you dont need to remove it and since they'll never actually leave and still give you money. There is really no reason to worry as long as you make the bottom dollar, which most players playing World Of Warcraft dont seem to understand. The official forums and reddit is evident to that.