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  • hey Alexandra, say hello in the post of La Compañia Gris ! We love you <3
    PD:EU Spanish clan
  • Hey, Alexandra thanks for commenting on our guild recruitment post! I wanted to invite you to join us when the game releases if you were interested!
  • come and join in our pinoy community guild in bless
  • Hey, if you're looking to join a Hieron guild come check out Heavenly Sword Gaming
  • bonjour Alexendra, j'ai vu que tu rechercher une guilde. nous somme actuellement en recrutement mais comme beaucoup de personne ne parle que le français, je ne sais pas si tu te sentira bien en notre compagnie
    si tu souhaite tout de même tester je te laisse notre discord

    en te souhaitant un bon jeu ^^
  • hey alex thanks for posting on my guild recruitment forum :D maybe you will join our guild if not happy gamign and good vibes :D take care contact me if you do wanna join :D
  • hi Alexandra I am the leader of the guild The gray company, I would like to know why we are in the graphic such a small guild when we are currently more than 100 members for the launch which will start with two guild. you can check this here
  • Boop you're a nerd, k bye
  • Welcome to Bless. I am pretty excited for a Bless to come out. I would like to invite you to join us in XenofOnslaught. We are a competitive guild and we will focus on all aspect of the game. We are really excited to meet new people and invite them to our family.

    {{X}} Xen of Onslaught [XoO] [Hardcore and Semi-Hardcore] [NA / EU] [PvX] [15+ years Experience]

    this is a link so you can learn more about us.

    Send me a message if you have further questions.

    Thanks MysSpelled
  • Hey, im a leader in Guild Sovereign.
    We are what you can say chill, mature group of people, but we enjoy to utilize every aspect of the game to its max potential, as a guild, we help our members strive for improvement, and allow everyone progress at their own pace.
    if you want to chat my discord is: Tenryushu#1799
    and our steam profile is:
    For a full detailed guide of how overall we operate.
  • Hi! Were makin a fresh guild based on the mascu race, add me on discord if u interested - Tumblr3061-
    We're going to be more of a laid back not super hardcore guild. Migrating over from OSRS where we were a PVP Clan looking to have fun here!
  • HI alexandra, Im joxx from paintrain. would love to BS with you a little bit. having hard time finding you in discord for some reason
  • Hello Alexandra! I'm Shadowlord Pain, Community Leader of Pain Train [PTX] Whenever you have time, I'd love to chat with you about our guild. Feel free to join our discord when you have some downtime. Discord info: I hope to speak with you soon!