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Just a few questions.. on pay to win and release.

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    • Just a few questions.. on pay to win and release.

      Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I'm downloading the game on Korean version right now and while I wait I thought I ask some of you guys what you think of the game's Pay To Win aspect will be for the Europe and American version? Hope it's okay to ask this.

      I seen some discussion here and there and video saying it is pay to win because of ability to sell cash shop item then buy geaar from auction. Also that Aeria Games will make it pay to win, but now I heard GAMIGO company bought Aeria Games.. so now Bless will be under GAMIGO. :huh:

      Some other say it is not pay to win because of no buying purple gems on cash shop and nothing in cash shop will give advantage in pvp or pve like this video says.

      So what is that truth?

      I like the game's looks and graphics a lot from videos, but I really hate swipe to win games. 100%. What do you guys think..

      1. Are the Korea and Ru really pay to win or no? If yes, what reason?
      2. Do you think the American and Europe version will be pay to win?
      3. Are there any NEW news on when the game will be out?

    • I hear now the game is dead for America and Eruope. Aeria doing what it does best again. Going as low as possible from our expectation.

      But I am wondering still. Are there any top end game players knowledgable for the pay to win aspect? How much cash shop and paying real money affect the end game pvp?