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  • Hello Furia,

    I make guides and maps for another game (legends of aria) and I am curious what apps this site uses with Woltlab, because I think the site is very well done and love the look and feel of your forums! I'm thinking about buying Woltlab and the forum package, I'm just wondering if this site uses more than that currently?
  • Furia do you know what is the best way to contact Neowiz about the conduct of their main steam moderator? The unprofessional, demeaning, and at times mansplaining behavior of one of the main steam mods as well as his/her refusal to pass along any sort of constructive criticisms is quite upsetting and hurting Neowiz's image.
  • Hey, is it okay to post an Australian Discord advertisement in bless-source.com/board/231-sea/ ?

    Hoping to involve my community in the game, and this looks like the best way to do it
  • Furia, several Hieron guilds are communicating trying to determine exactly how servers are going to work. Are there going to be 3 separate NA servers with zero interaction, or 1 megaserver? We keep getting conflicting feedback. Thank you!
  • hi i woud like know if it's possible to downloand the launcher before. All players have not the same internet connection ... ^^?
  • Thanks for everything you do! :)
  • I've been told to contact you from a couple moderators regarding official links and community resources. would it be possible to get /r/blessrecruitment featured anywhere? lots of people have been using it for finding guilds/advertising guilds since its been made and improvements are being made daily
    • You can make a post on the General Forums if you want to
    • ah alright. i was inferred by penta i'd get banned if i posted it in the discord or reddit as it broke the rule regarding advertising things that do not add to the community, are not useful, and do not relate to the game... so i think i'll pass to be safe. sorry. no offense, the whole community team has not left me happy in general
  • Hi, have a question about this forum. I need change my username or delete my account for new registration. Is is possible?
  • Hey Zephyr,

    I saw there is a usergroup call "donor" and I was wondering how do I get this and how do I donate?

    Thanks for your time.
    • Hey, we don't accept donations anymore since we don't need them at the moment.
  • Hey. My name is Alex and I am the administrator of the main Russian fan site for the game BLESS - mmorpg-bless.ru/

    I wanted you to put me in the basement of your project (prntscr.com/jf8h7g).

    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • is this game available for india
  • Hello :) Where can i get early acces :) can't wait for game to come out :) sorry for my bad english !!!
  • hello friend would you be so kind as to approve my recruitment post please in NA guilds. TY!
  • Hi, Were you an Shaiya Admin by any chance few years back?
  • I there a way to change faction back to none? I have joined a guild which has yet to select a faction.
  • hello Admin i want to register here my account but i cant still waiting code in my email nothing comeing “
  • Hello Admin.
    When will the beta test will start?.And If It all ready Started I want to make a reviw of this game on Youtube and to make videos of it if you let me.
  • hello Admin.
    I have been a member since they changed pages and I have registered but I forgot my password and will not let me change it.
    please help, greetings
    my nickname is Ezeto and mi e-mail
  • hello dear admin maybe you can help i cant activate my account im not getting my email. ive been waiting for it since yesterday and ive even requested a new one multiple times
  • Delete my account pls
  • Thank you for being a huge source of information and also thank you for making this long wait endurable! The things you provide are things that makes me want the game even more and helps ease the waiting!
  • hi ich kann das spiel nicht downloaden bitte um hilfe
  • Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it.
  • Furia, as a long time MMO player one theme I have found is that if there is any hint of a pay to win mechanic in the game, it reduces the player base longevity by a ton. Please I hope the dev's from KR keep this in mind. Purchasable content in game should be PURELY aesthetic and in no way impact your stats and character strength in game.
  • Hey! I wanna play as well just wondering if it's legal to use vpn and play otherwise I have to wait for Europe release?
  • i donwload russian version need a vpn to play and where can i find it
  • can you tell me how can i play bless im from greece
  • hi, why delete my posts? i don't understand..
  • I see you added a seemingly permanent background to your posts (since I know you don't have the gems to buy it). Any chance me, vega, and Organic can get a forever theme too? Pretty please? 4,,
  • hello can i ask please i already install the game how to start it