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    We don't know exactly what's in the premium membership, they said some buffs and skins and whatnot. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE PREMIUM TO PLAY THE GAME. Also, the runes not breaking is a japan thing, not Global(steam release) because that would be pay to win. They said the rune system is getting re-designed for Global.

    But no one knows what will be in the premium service for sure.

    Source for API info? From what I've seen and heard the API won't be released. There was a translated interview (interviewer: english, dev: korean) where the answer to the API question was, "haha yeah, that's something to think about"

    There doesn't need to be addons, but a database would be nice.

    If you are going to be buying people the game, I'd say gift them the game. Unless you trust them, then you could gift them steam currency( I wouldn't). Steam's refund policy is very direct, they've changed a lot in light of the early access trend.

    Pretty awesome of you to do that though, Aedesia . On behalf of the people you are giving the game to, thank you :D

    One of the streamers from the PR Event ( snapped some pictures of the cards provided to the emissaries with information about class combos (cookie cutter). We've been told there will be deep customization, so these are just rudimentary combos provided by the devs.

    Here is an album containing each of the class cards, and a keyboard map:

    Sorry if some are blurry or hard to read, it was taken from a phone camera while streaming from that phone.

    1. Sodapoppin did get signed up, only he didn't do it. People keep saying he got invited out of the blue but he didn't. Neowiz definitely could have done a little more vetting.

    2. Why do people keep giving HappyTails crap?? How do you know she hasn't been a fan of bless? So just because she or some of the other chosen emissaries don't put out bless content they has no clue about it? How many of you put out bless content? Get over yourselves. All I see is a lot of youtubers getting butt-hurt over not being picked as emissaries.

    3. We need far more transparency. We've been getting very vague answers to some pretty important questions; what exactly is in the cash shop, and the monthly premium. Just saying "it's not pay to win" is something that every company has said before unveiling their services and it being pay to win.

    I'm guessing the reason they are not revealing a lot of information about cash items (shop and premium service) is because they haven't finalized it yet. I'm hoping they are hearing the noise that we are making and paying close attention to OUR definition of pay to win. There are a lot of peoples' decisions to play riding on that information.

    well, assuming what all the twitch steamers who interviewed with the CEO said is true about the premium membership being cosmetic only. Then, what you are buying with those packs are for cosmetic purposes. Which is fine.

    But we will wait and see. I'm sure by tomorrow we all will have more information on everything.

    EVERYONE who says their premium was NOT pay to win has changed it soon after release to be pay to win. If there is ANYTHING behind the premium wall that is exclusive to gameplay, then it is pay to win. I don't mean cosmetics and boosts, I mean gems not breaking on death, or extra end game dungeon runs per day, etc.

    BlessThisMess I am not "clearly wrong" about anything I said. You are clearly not reading exactly what I said.

    I never said ALL of the emissaries will be playing, I said "The Emissaries" implying that the emissaries at the event will be playing.

    They will be STARTING EA because EA isn't getting wiped when the game release, just because they are there to test it doesn't mean its test servers.

    I never said the public will be playing, I said EA is starting.

    Early access starts may 11th, That article you linked, which is in the "press event announced" thread, specifically says that the emissaries will be playing Early Access. Which is a release because people outside of neowiz will be playing. If you all could just be some kind of patient, may 11th is 4 days away. We've known that announcements are coming on May 11th for quite a long time. So instead of whining about it, and calling them liars or assuming that since it's "already may" and "we don't have any more information" that it's suddenly not going to happen, how about we just wait until may 11th. That is the specific date given by Neowiz, where they've stated they will be giving more information.

    Did I say May 11th yet? Well if I didn't.....May 11th.

    Everyone keeps talking about "No date". May 11th is a date that early access starts. It's been said by the devs.

    I bet they won't open anything before EA opens for us. There's no point.

    Soloing in D3 is not a problem, solo GR pushes are very competitive. There are solo, duo, trio and full group leaderboards, all separate. Honest question, are you currently playing D3? They greatly reduced group xp bonus from s4 to s5, it is currently s13. There are no current posts about the gap between group and solo.

    I understand what you mean about group bonuses encouraging group play but they don't discourage solo play, In bless the buffs are so you can group up to take on harder group content, or fight bigger groups in PVP. You shouldn't be able to solo group content, or 1v5 in pvp.

    First I'd like to say, Thank you for showing the passion and taking the time to make this video. It was very well done, and there is some very good speculation, and explanation of what we have been shown. And I did watch your whole video and subscribed.

    Now the but...I'd rather see a breakdown of actual known information. Although all we can really do is speculate, at this time. I'm not a fan of speculation, especially when most of the information is developmental and the other parts have not been released.

    So again, thank you for this, and I will definitely watch your future videos.