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    What is confusing me a bit is that on the Steam site the Founders Pack, available on the 28th, states it "needs the base game" to play and the base game states its not available until the 30th.

    So how the heck does that work then?

    Depends how you look at it - one persons perspective is going to vary from another's. For example I'm sure I've spent more than £200 on games since Christmas - I even bought myself a Nintendo Switch - however that's games in the plural, not singular. Additionally, having spent in excess of £200 on games etc since Christmas, I don't feel I can justify spending another £200 right now, let alone on a single game that I know I'll want to like but really have no experience of.

    We've all got different levels of income and expenditure, and those who say "well get a job and you'll have it in a few weeks" clearly need a reality smack to the noggin. Those who are saying "stop complaining and go play another game" are also typical of the kind of people who I tend to avoid in case their stain follows them around like Stinky Pete.

    People need to appreciate that a lot of us were hopeful of a more reasonable approach to the pricing in common with other game releases in the past. That doesn't seem to have happened, ergo people are unhappy and guess what, they're using a forum for its intended purpose.

    I have to confess to being disappointed with it all generally.

    Firstly its the dates they chose. Its almost like the shops when they say "under £100" and they're selling it for £99.99. Sure I know they said May, and the 30th is still May, but its almost like they're trying to string it out as long as possible for some reason. Now if the game was done to their satisfaction, it'd surely be released earlier (see my point below), so I'm thinking this might be one of those releases where there are issues.

    Secondly regarding the date, the 30th is a Wednesday. Whose stupid idea was it to release midweek when people are at work, school, etc? And to add to the crappiness, they then make the headstart only 2 days prior - a freaking Monday! Oh, and we all just know it'll probably be midnight on Monday.

    However, I think the sloppiest piece of their campaign is not to release information about the Premium benefits until the same day as the Founders Packs are available. I can only think they havent a clue what theyre going to put in them yet - and this should have all been thought of...well months ago frankly.

    Personally I think I'll just stick to the basic pack and unless the Premium is very worth it I'll not bother with it after the first month.

    Yeah disappointed is the word. I had expected better from them.

    "deceptive practice and misleading content" are a bit of a worry eh? I mean if a dev posts their content, then YouTube look at it and say "well thats a load of bull" you got to ask what does YouTube know that we dont.

    Just kidding though - its probably something fixable.

    *cough* wear a hat :)

    Joking aside, its a petty thing but I too get annoyed sometimes with the limitations on hair styles in character creation in games. After the world environment and armour styles, hair is the next most common thing you look at regularly whether you consciously know it or not, and something that's "not quite right" will become a growing niggle.

    I was curious where people here are from - not specifically so I can hunt you least not yet! Just in general, because there seems to be a lot of North American guild registration posts popping up and I wondered what the percentage split of countries was.

    "Continent" probably isn't the right word but I'm sure you get my drift (no continental drift pun intended)

    I think the only add on I've ever used was an overlay for TeamSpeak so I could see who it was in the guild that was talking at the time. I'd use that, but probably nothing else, and I kind of doubt they will entertain allowing add ons in the interface.

    Even without Blazing Fire there is a ton of content. I assume that we will see Blazing Fire on official release, whenever that is.

    I'm thinking it would have been so much better if they'd called it "Blazing Saddles". Golden opportunity missed there lol

    I dont see the rationale of this argument. Maybe its just me being dense, but the argument seems to be that cosmetic items can be farmed then sold for loads-a-wonga thereby enabling the seller to buy better gear? Conclusion; if cosmetics are tradeable via the AH we have a P2W game?

    Yup, still not getting it. I dont see how this is limited to cosmetics either. Surely it applies to anything seen to be of high value, like rare drops, high stat gear, heck even shed loads of hard to get crafting materials would fall under this other words absolutely everything sold on the AH could fall under this banner. If Im a level 5 player and I see something better than what I have currently in the AH I'll buy it if its a reasonable price and I can afford it. Thats how AH's every MMO...ever. Its just supply & demand, not a broken game, nor is it pay to win unless you're particularly sensitive in which case perhaps MMO's shouldnt be your cup of tea.

    Like I said, Im probably getting the wrong end of the stick, but I read the thread three times and thats how it seemed to me ?(

    To me, Pay to Win is like the shop having an item, or its an ingame drop, where you get an invincibility buff or something dumbass like that. Not someone buying a special sword with +5 accuracy and -2 bleeding. I think thats stretching it a bit.