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    Now the real question is why Bless is losing that much players since 4th Jun and before this it was stable, around 25-28k players everyday,the answer is easy, the nerf to the damage in PvE, most of the players left for this reason, not even for the dupe/bugs/crashes/exploit etc etc

    Yes, but that is not the only one of the major reasons.

    1. Optimization - oh come one, im playing mmorpgs since Meridian and i've never seen such a bad optimization for AAA title.

    FF14 had a bad start (now it's TOP2 P2P mmorpg, imho), ESO had a bad start (now it's TOP2 B2P mmorpg, imho), even f2p AION had a bad start (still popular), but honestly Bless embarrassed them all with its lack of quality (remember? AAA title...:S).

    2. Action combat mode for almost all classes => DISABLED. WTF @Neowiz? Give people the choice, allow us to use combat mode we want.

    3. And as iEvoZero said - unthinking steps with nerfing dmg, etc. Seriously Neowiz? Why not small steps with small balance changes?

    Small step #1 => a week of testing and analysing => conclusions and corrections.

    Small step #2 => etc...

    4. Ingame bugs, crashes, exploits, etc... Well, it happen, Neowiz, but you have to take the right steps, even if it would involve a complete wipe (it's my personal opinion, and yes, i hate wipes as well, but i prefer fair play. If i wanna to stay with mmorpg game for more than a month or two, I am willing to devote my time for the wipe, within reason, of course).


    5. I Forgot one important (imho) thing - no UI Customization - no option to resize/move/hide. Why Neowiz? Just why?

    And some additional info in the spoiler. 8|

    PS. Sorry for any possible misspeling, English is not my Native. ?(

    Well, mate... Looks like you've spent a fantastic time with Bless Online... :S

    I think most of people are confusing attack mechanics with camera movement.. 2 separate things folks


    The truth is that first they showed us video (link) with class combat before and after rebuild (each class on video has action-combat mode), and then trying to sell us the game without action-combat for most classes (only berserker has action-combat mode enabled). Not cool, tbh. :thumbdown:

    "Early Access Start Date & Time

    May 30th at 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

    • Those who purchased a Founder’s Pack will be able to enjoy the game two days in advance on May 28 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT).
    • Founder’s Packs will be sold beginning May 28 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT) on the Bless Steam Store page."

    Source: i.a. here.

    So... No pre-download.