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Bless Review

  • Game is not even worth $10.

    -The game is still very poorly Optimized.

    -Dated and Generic Graphics.

    -Much of the skills are Forced and Useless.

    -Heavily gated re-released years old content.

    -FULL with Cheaters/BOTS, people who cheated their ways to wealth.

    -Game rewards No brain grind more so Than playerskill.

    -No real matchmaking, No Elo - Nothing.

    -[SCHEDULED] PvP ... in 2018 ... HAhaAhAHhAAHhaAhAHAaHA - OMEGALUL.

    -PvP in general is Mediocre and VERY VERY limited.

    -Combat is stiff, Repetitive and Boring and lacks depth.

    -Your typical RNG, RNG and then some more RNG game.

    -Inexperienced MMO developer.

    -Little to No quality control.

    -VERY High chance of going Pay2Win in the future.

    -Milking $$$ from the remaining noobs with forced choices.

    -Pretty much a Pokémon GO CASHGRAB MMO.

    -Very small and a dying population.

    Go play latest WoW BFA, FFXIV, GW2, Monster Hunter World - FK it pretty much anything is better than Korean MMOs that are known for their Pay2Win model and Low Quality.