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When this for F2P

  • No, it won't go F2P, we even voted for it to become B2P as it was F2P in the past.

    They could do a free weekend/week but going full F2P wouldn't be a good idea.

    Maybe reducing the price from 20$ to 15$ would help too.

  • F2P is still an option and they have not totally ruled it out. They would in my opinion be better of in they made the game free to get but a sub of 10 dollars a month. That way people who want to try the game can and not put a lot of money into it. I actually prefer subscription buisness models. They get a steady stream of money a month and don't have to worry about trying to walk the thin line of a cash shop. This is my opinion of the current status of the game and what they should do. I know it don't mean anything to anyone but me and if you all feel like flaming me for that go ahead it don't matter to me.

  • Adversting (Guests only)