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Failed to connect to server. The client with shut down

  • I have had this issue for 2 days now!

    There has been no acknowledgement from the devs regarding this issue as they have not posted about it on twitter!

    You can get to the character screen and then the above error shows and clicking OK shuts down the client!

    I cannot play on any EU server!

    But surprising I can create a new character on NA server and log int past the character screen!

    This server error should have been picked up by devs without hours!

    But here we are 48 hours later and they still have not informed us that they even know about it!

  • Schätze du wurdest von Battleye gesperrt. Keine Ahnung ob das permanent ist, aber damit würde

    ich leider rechnen. Am besten Ticket an den Support - was dauern kann - und außerdem bei Battleye

    anfragen was los ist.