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Lumens warrior Tokens Event ended and im stuck with leftovers

  • So i probably missed some message about when the Lumens Warrior Token event would end.

    But i would sure like if they gave us a weekend or few days so i could convert them to something usefull.

    Right now they take up space cause im not sure if they will return and be usefull again.

    Others that feel we should have the chance to redeem them one last time ????


  • Seriously, this is just really poor design on the side of the Dev's. I have never played a game before where you earn event reward items that you have to convert, where the method to convert them was taken away the day an event ended. This happened once in Black Desert, and the Dev's fixed it the next patch.

    Dev's: Not everyone reads the pre-patch announcements. As such, many of us got stuck with these tokens. Please give us a way to convert them to the rewards.

  • Yes... please give people the ability to use the tokens again, it is very frustrating to farm them for hours and realize that they are worth nothing now and you wasted the whole time gathering them.

  • Adversting (Guests only)