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  • Hello there!

    I'm interested in buying Bless, but I've got few tons of questions first. As a hardcore lifeskiller and brutal PvPer I'm looking for a new home, after leaving other MMO, where the failstacking system beat me, but I have some requirments, which are tons of skills to do during breaks from PKing :) I'll be very thankfull if someone could answer my questions, or direct me to a topic answering them ^^

    1. FAIL STACKING. Is there such a thing like stacking fails to get a bigger chance on next attempt to do something? For example: enhancing gear.
    2. Do you have to enhance your gear here, or you just buy/find better stuff?
    3. Market. How does it look there? Is it one global marketplace or few in every city? How high are taxes and fees for listing, selling items?
    4. Professions. What kind of prfessions we have there? Are they usefull and profitable or they are just a placeholder?
    5. Are there other lifeskills than taming and professions?

    6. TRADING. The most important thing for me, after the lack of failstacking. Can I just buy some stuff in City A, pack it on mule or wagon and go to sell it in City B to make profit?

    7. P2W. Is Bless P2W? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I heard something about PvE potions from premium store, what is it about? What kind of items can you buy there?

    8. Devs, for the love of God, why do you give interested people so little info about the game? And, I beg you, do something with your main site, it looks awfull when words are split in half because they didn't fit in line. 3 words long line.

    Have a good day,


  • o mercado está muito ruim e trancado. você não pode colocar itens parciais de venda no merket. Você não pode comprar um item parcial também. Estou frustrado com este sistema de mercado. A taxa de queda de ouro é muito baixa e os itens na loja de artesanato são muito caros. O jogo começou alguns dias, vamos esperar e ver se ele melhora-lo.

  • Muito obrigado por esta informação Felix. Você me ajudou muito. Considerando a divisão de mercado para o jogador regular e o jogador premium, vou me abster de comprar e esperar pelo desenvolvimento de eventos.

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  • 1) There is fail stacking, but nowhere near as gruesome as games like BDO utilize. And it's transparent. You actually get to see the percentage chance listed before you pull the trigger. As well, it's transparent how to increasea your chances. ie.. You'll not only see your base chance percentage, but you'll also see how the mats you're using boost that chance. It's much more forgiving compared to other MMO's.

    2) You can boost your gear from the outset. But realistically you really don't need to until you level cap since you'll quickly outgrow the earlier gear quickly. You can find/craft/buy better stuff along the way to level cap. Boosting your gear before level 45 is a waste.

    3) Never paid much attention to the fees. They're insignificant enough that I really don't concern myelf with it compared to other games where it's a big issue. The market automatically chooses the max/min prices you can list. Taking into account the current stock of items you're trying to sell (sometimes the min price is bumped up because there are too many items listed lower, so bumps the min listing price so that it's never stuck perpetually at a low price).

    4) Professions are 2 categories and each character/toon gets to choose 1 from each category. Main professions are Armorsmith, Echantment, and Handiwork. Sub/Secondary professions are Cooking/Alchemy. They're extremely useful. As for profitable... somewhat, but not extremely so. A dedicated lifeskiller toon isn't going to get rich.

    5) I wouldn't consider Taming a lifeskill, as everybody gets it by default, and there's no selling your pets/mounts (that I've seen anyway). Aside from taming, those I listed in #4 are the only lifeskills.

    6) Nope, no trading like you are probably referring to in BDO.

    7) It's not pay to win. Despite what some people claim. At worst, it could be called Pay to Progress Faster. That's about it. And even then, you can earn cash shop currency just by playing the game and not have to pay cash.

  • Let's be clearer and more realistic. The game has nothing new to offer. Besides, there are things to be solved. The berserkers have cameras locked with the ability to play. The magicians are taking too long to cast a spell. In some maps the character enters the scene and disappears, I went to collect mining and my character entered inside the rock. It was difficult to remove it. The daily quests are repetitive and without much to do. Sincerely. I expected much more from this much-anticipated game. The gold that you get playing, has a very low rate, and the items to craft are carissímos. You pay 3.78 golds, to use an item less than five minutes to make foods. To make 3.78 gold in the game you need to play a lot. It is very unbalanced. It is no use getting deluded by saying that the game is good just because I spent money on it, no, there is not, there is much to do yet. I played Archeage a game where you can sell partial items, buy partial items. Developers need to work hard to improve the game or it will not last long. Another thing: When I click on another player I do not see any information about it, which guild, which equipment point and which class. Another very bad thing: I bought a Founder Stander Edition and did not win any Lumena. Days later they released a DLC package at the same price with 2500 lumenas. ???

  • Another very bad thing: I bought a Founder Stander Edition and did not win any Lumena. Days later they released a DLC package at the same price with 2500 lumenas. ???

    this was the difference between a pre-purchase of a standard pack for a 2 day head start and purchasing the next step up after the official early access release date. i think your expectations are influenced by a misunderstanding of what you bought.


    regarding the market, there is a menu if you press esc where you can view anything in the market but you have to be at an npc to interact with it, which is handy. there are no carrying quests from city to city to make a profit like you see in archeage though. there is only the one market, which has a 30% fee to everything you sell. other than this, i think DenverRalphy has answered your questions thoroughly.

    there is some grind to making gold but at least you won't see gold farmers spamming website links in chat, and i only ever saw one characer leveling spammer. it's free to play so you don't have anything to lose by trying it out that way.

  • There is a little bit of a grind to gold making but not nearly as much as other games. At the moment, because more and more individuals are hitting level cap, they are more focused on setting their gear up, do not many are buying random things. However, its definitely not difficult to make enough gold to stay relevant.

    The daily quests are definitely repetitive, but which game has unique daily quests? With that being said, they take like 10 mins to complete them all and gain the bonus.

    This game will not be everyone's cup of tea, for sure. For people that jumped into the game with mistaken perceptions, they'll feel let down. For those that played the game in other regions and expected the same thing or more, they'll feel let down. For those that approached the game as if it's a new game in early access with all it may enjoy it.

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