Adversting (Guests only)

Looking for advice.

  • So far the endgame content includes: Dungeon Running, Open World PvP Battles, Peninsular War, World Boss Hunting, Crafting, and Taming.

    Mainly, the things you can focus on after level 45 are increasing your crafting level and improving your gear. Increasing your crafting level will take quite some time, so I recommend joining a party with the "We Are One" buff on. Crafting levels also allows you to make better things and obtain passive buffs like increased Attack. Other than that, you can improve your gear through crafting, trading, or dungeon running.

    Armorsmithing allows you to craft sets of armor for any class. The higher level craftable armor sets seem to be better than the dungeon loot, but take some time to get the materials and crafting requirements. Also, Handiwork allows you to make accessories to further increase your armor and stats. So far I haven't seen any accessories drop from anything except World Bosses, but you could also buy them on the player market if people are selling. World Bosses have a chance to drop Flying Mounts(i believe) and Legendary Gear. Legendary gear is the highest obtainable rarity, and has the most benefits.

    Other than increasing your stats, you could go for the "gotta catch'em all" and tame everything in the world. Leveling up Enchanting will increase the amount of pets/mounts you can have and allows you to make taming scrolls. Or you can just buy taming scrolls off the player market.

  • You're gonna want to make sure you're doing your Hunting Quests every day (Curia, Bleached Desert, Dustbowl, ETC) they give you [Magical Condensed Stone] which turn into "Dragonballs" or other useful things as well as guild influence points. You should also be doing your 15v15 (Peninsular War) at least a few times a day (open at 3 different times, if you open the menu in game will give times in PST). Other than that you're going to want to be running Patala and Migras for gear (level 43 and 45 dungeon, the 45 dungeon is actually easier). You may wish to run the 37 dungeon just for a full set of 37 gear, but as long as your Gearscore is at 6.2? you can run / complete patala..

    I think that pretty much covers everything available right now, outside of what has already been discussed.

  • Adversting (Guests only)