Adversting (Guests only)

Spirits and destruction chance

  • So, since I hear people talking about it a lot in game but haven’t found a thread here - as in the title, please discuss your opinions on the current spirit destruction system.

    Personally, I feel that given the state of the 43/45 dungeons, the fact that all your spirits will automatically break on PvE death is incredibly punishing to the point where it isn’t worth using spirits as part of preparation for these dungeons, which SUCKS. Given that you also loose your tunes upon death to ogres in the battleground - which at this point kill me more frequently than actual players - well. Ouch. I’d suggest the dev team considering removing spirit destruction completely from instanced group content while keeping it for open world pvx if the devs want to keep the current destruction percentages.

  • I haven't actually used runes as yet as I've just hit level 45, however, I've heard quite a few people saying that the frequency at which the tunes break is quite ridiculous. With this in mind, please keep in mind the game just launched and I believe we're in the same boat here as we are with crafting at the moment. Everything is set to be ridiculously hard to obtain and break instantly so individuals don't get maxed out within 3 weeks of the game being out and then get board. Trust me, I know it's frustrating as I'm currently at the quest to be master armorsmith but essentially can't do anything with the profession except make hammers. I believe these problems will be rectified in time, just not until we have more content for people to get into. Brightside though? They did remove ogres from battlegrounds so yaayy. Lol

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • currently if you die by a mob or any PvE then all your runes have a 100% chance to break, which is pretty merciless. i heard it wasn't the original intention but i don't really know. i do hope it will be adjusted sooner rather than later though.