[Tetra-Phi] - NA - Union - PvPvE - All welcome

  • About Us

    GuildMaster: Shigedy#7564 (Discord)

    Initially formed in 2014 in ESO by four strangers who later became like family Tetra Phi is a small group of like-minded people which grew as they played more MMO’s(WoW, Wildstar, Albion etc.) together. In the process becoming fairly well known for our small and medium scale PvP in Albion online Hellgates GvGs and open world PVP (where we love to take on fight where we are outnumbered and win). We have players from all across the world so we are active across all timezones and are just looking for some new guildies to fill the ranks for Bless Online


    We strive to be one of the best in any game we play and Bless will be no exception. We will be focusing on all aspects of PvP (We have been told we are all very violent…).We have Core Members with PvE mythic raid experience from WoW and we plan on finishing all Bless PvE content. We have our own dedicated crafters /gatherers and welcome all types of players. We are looking to recruit 20-30 more people across all classes to add to our core group for launch and will recruit more once we level our guild.




    We are looking for people who intend to be active.(inactive players will be kicked often) We want people who are good communicators who can take criticism as well give it when needed and use that criticism to help the whole guild improve, no ones voice goes unheard no matter the rank. Able to speak English and being able and willing to use VOIP is a must.

    If you are unable to take a joke or are easily offended then this is not the guild for you! :)

    Do you have a hardcore mind set want to meet some likeminded players while being in a competitive yet laid back enviroment?

    Then come fly the Black and Purple banner with your soon to be guildies

    We are looking forward to being a part of the Bless Online community and hoping we can learn and grow together.

    P.S. happy to see some Familiar guilds from other games giving bless a go lets make it something to talk about !!!!

    Contact Shigedy#7564 on Discord for more info or if you just have some questions


    (Guild V Guild Raid Area)

    (Small Scale Open world)

    20v20 City Siege

  • Make sure to join the main discord! So that you can promote your guild more when the time comes.^^

    I'm currently looking for a guild to play with for launch, if you have one, come leave a message on my wall with some contact info!
    Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a good day, and to see you once the game has launched!~♫♫:saint:Banner.2.png

    ⏬ If you haven't yet, here's the link to join the official Bless Online Discord here! ⏬
    🢂 https://discord.gg/qAH8gcx 🢀
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  • Hey yall! I just want to say thank you to Tetra-Phi! I was looking for a new guild to join before NA Bless launch and they welcomed me right away! This group is willing to take anyone who will put in work and be willing to learn! Join Tetra-Phi if your looking for a solid guild leading into the NA launch of Bless Online!