Adversting (Guests only)

  • Will you still play the game with a PVP avoidance item for players after level 45, even if the item has a 10 minute use w/ a 10 minute CD? 6

    1. Yes will play, I will most likely use the PVP avoidance item. (3) 50%
    2. Yes, I will play, may not use the item, but do not care that others do. (2) 33%
    3. Yes, I will play while constantly complaining and working to change or eliminate the item. (1) 17%
    4. Yes, I will play, even though I am not happy about the item. I will still enjoy the game, maybe not as mucgh as I hoped. (0) 0%
    5. No, this is a deal breaker for me. If I cannot open PVP any player, anywhere, anytime, with as many players as I want, then I have no desire to play. (0) 0%

    :love: Super excited!!!! :DYet, my enthusiasm gets squashed everytime I read a post from a potential player complaining about the PVP avoid item. I NEED this item. Im a Nurse going for my BSN and relax via gaming.8) I cannot relax if Im watching behind my back every second. I just want to be able to jump in do my thing; questing, farming, achvmnts, W/E, and when I'm ready for battling other players, be able to join in the PVP. I do not understand why this offends PVP'rs.:?: I am not bothering them or hurting their gameplay. If you cant sneak up w/ ur buddies to attack me, go attack someone else, how does that ruin game for you? From my perspective, PVP'rs ruin the game for me when they can attack me anytime, any gear lvl, with as many of their friends as they want. =O

    So this IS a deal breaker for me. X/ I will not play without the ability to avoid PVP,:!: I am happy to pay for it,:whistling: add revenue to the game, even if I have to pay for Premium.:saint: I have played Tera for 4 years as Elite and regularly buy in game currency. However, 4 years is a long time to play just 1 game, 8o :SI have been dying to play Bless for years, constantly waiting.


    What is it about PVP'ing, PK'ing, trolling other players that is entertaining? I do not get it. I want to meet another player when they are as prepared to fight as me. How does it make a PVP more powerful by killing a player who wasn't ready? I think players that need the ability to sneak, troll, and outnumber another player have psychological core issue(s). You are tough behind my back w/ your friends but not when I am facing you and you have my attention.:evil:

    Alias, I am at an impass, do I prepay to play a game that may or may not be suited for my gamestyle. I do not want to buy the game, spending $150 and they change this core issue with a significant longer CD, increase item cost, or prevention of the buy or dont buy?:/:?::*:saint:

  • Welcome to the Bless Source forums, feel free to message me if you need anything.

    In regards to your question, I won't use the PvP avoidance item at all, as I will be starting the game right away every one will be on the same gear level so if I die to another player then it would be purely down to how skilled they are against me, it adds the extra fun in leveling in my opinion.

  • Welcome! And yes, there are times when I'll use the pvp avoidance item, as the game is caters to both PvP and PvE. Sometimes you want PvP, sometimes you just want to gather or craft or just enjoy the world, and the game caters to both. Looking forward to it!

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Hello!

    I most definitely won't be using the item until much later, until guild ganking becomes rough if the item is still around, so I can still do PvE with out worrying about being constantly attacked when playing alone. I enjoy having friendly PvP banter with those of similar or equal level, so hopefully I won't have to use it, so I can continue leveling with out the worry of other players tampering with my experience.

    Other wise! I won't be using it, as I would be able to fight with friends against others of similar levels.

    I wish you luck and well being on your journey!

    Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a good day, and to see you once the game has launched!~♫♫:saint:Banner.2.png

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