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    I mean really, which guild is right for me? As you peruse these forums, you see the same posts, offering the same things. Your fate dangles in the air like a dingleberry hanging from Pauly Shore's precious buttocks. Your coveted happiness, with the potential to be swept away in a tornado of emotions by the wrong group of people. Your innocence, threatened like a 19 year old white girl walking through Brooklyn. You know, when you see her walking and you’re just like, damn, she should like go inside, or get a hotel. Then you think about asking her if she needs a ride but you’re like maybe that would make me look sketchy. Then you see three guys walking towards her and one of him gives you a look and you drive off as fast as you can. Then later you’re like, I’m sure it’s OK, I bet she had pepper spray. But then her face haunts your memory for the rest of your life. Well, if you want to avoid all these situations, relax your bladder and take a seat on a fluffy white cloud, Tempest Gaming is the right place for you!

    We are all very active in discord and we expect you to be too. We are social butterflies, but you don’t have to be, as long as you are on when you are playing. Guaranteed we will break you out of your shell, to the point where you will quit video games go see the dreaded sunlight and start talking to models. Yes. Models. Like actual models. Not the models that you see on facebook with filters in their pictures to make them look like models.

    If you got to the end of this, and forgot you were reading a guild application, and not a beautifully masterpieced (is that a word?) set of words that makes M Night Shamalan look like Huck Finn here are the basics.

    Recruitment: Open (Age 18+) - Region: North America, Raid times: TBD

    Tempest Gaming has been around for the past nine years and has had a known track record of achievement.

    We combine hardcore fast-paced raiding with genuine good times. While we do look for quality, we also value the person over a combination of pixels.

    If you are interested hope on discord and well chat. We still need to decide what side we want to play. We also play LoL, WoW, Diablo 3 or some Hearthstone waiting for Bless to wind up.

    Come join us! Discord:

    CONTACT: Nahli#4850 on discord

  • The opening narrative actually had me thinking of popcorn for a sec... Then I remembered this was a pitch for a Guild.

    Oh and I have discord but it's like just after 7am MDT so I'm betting it might not be a good time. Which begs the question when would be a good time? And please specify the timezone I can calculate the correct time. It's one of the parts of my Military brainwashing that really stuck with me.


  • Adversting (Guests only)