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Hello Everyone!

  • Hi all!

    I’m Lady Azure and I’m 25 years old from the US. I’m a big fan of playing open world MMOs. I’ve been let down in the past by games such as ArcheAge and Black Desert Online, but I enjoy them while they last and I’ve made many friends and memories. I’m excited for this one and the friends I will make here!

    I like to RP, as well as play competitively in PVP.

    I look forward to meeting you all and I’d like to join a guild! ^.^ :blesslove:

  • WELCOME :D Hopefully the release of Bless NA will not disappoint!

    Do you have an idea of what faction/class/race you want to play~?

    Also, did you mean to mention Bless Online as one of the games that let you down? :p

  • Hi Nox!! Haha thank you for pointing that out. Silly blonde moment. I meant Black Desert. :blesshaha:

    Thank you for your welcome. I think I want to play a mage or Ranger to be a good asset to my team. On research it looks like a mage or Ranger is pretty strong end game and in PVP, but I will probably have to look into it further.

    My Faction or race that I choose will most likely depend on my guild if I find one before May.

    If I go Union I will most likely choose Pantera or Aqua Elf, with Hieron I will probably choose Sylvan Elf or Lupus <3

    What about you Noxflora? noxflora  

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  • Haha~ I figured it was a type-o or maybe you were referring to Bless RU (which was shut down).

    Anywho, I've been playing briefly on the JP server and I have been enjoying the guardian class. My character is under the Hieron faction, but I don't mind changing depending on my future guild. As for race, it will either be Aqua elf or Sylvan elf !

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  • Welcome LadyAzure! I too know the pain of AA and BDO. My friends and I have played them all, and we are yearning for Bless to get here finally! We aren't sure which faction we will be yet, but either way, Good luck out there!

  • Welcome LadyAzure .

    I hope you make many great friends and memories in Bless too!
    I'm not a RP'er but hopefully you find some like minded individuals and band together to create a guild and a thriving RP community. :happybless: 

  • Welcome to Bless Source!

    I hope too see you in the Early Access/NA servers! ^-^

    I'm a bit fan of PvP as well, So I hope to encounter you at some point on the playing field! :blessfight:

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  • Hey LadyAzure !! Hello to the rest of the Fam !!

    Whalecum to Bless ^^ I've played AA and I've been with the Viral Guild back when I used to play, I agree it was a ton of fun, shame that after a while I kinda lost interest in it. I see a lot of similarity with AA and Bless so my hopes are high :saint:

    It's nice to see a familiar face in another MMO! Hope to see you in game and yeah trying to find a guild myself too. BTW, what's your opinion on Bless right now with all the content that's out there and all the info that's been updated about it so far, honest opinion?

    Good to see we have a warm and friendly community this time round (if you know from past experiences) 8o:D Have fun, game hard and welcome again :blesspassion:  

  • Thank you for the whalecum Zeen Haha!!


    I’m happy you are joining the Bless community!

    So you played AA too! I also see many similarities between the two. I must say, I really enjoyed the combat of AA, it was a good mix of kinda being a tab targeting action combat hybrid in a way and I think that’s what they are doing with Bless.

    My opinion on Bless right now is a little hard to say since they are trying a “combination combat” that sounds a little different. It’s something I’d like to try next month and get an impression first.

    I am excited about the way the game looks however, the races and Char Creator look amazing. The armors are awesome!

    What gives me hope for this game is the fact that it is actually being published by the actual developers and not through a publisher like all other Korean MMOs we’ve played. So there’s is more hope for this one! Also they have stated that this one will not be p2w either so we will see how it goes!!

    What are some of your thoughts on the game Zeen? Also, what race and class are you interested in??


  • Haha! No worries, anyone and everyone is whalecum :D:P

    I'd have to agree with you about AA, I too really enjoyed the combat; it felt very fast paced and very fluid, which is something I'd like to see the devs do for Bless with the new combat system that's being planned. I don't know much about how you'd make money in Bless, but I liked the trade packs and cross continent travel that AA had and I'd like to see some of that integrated into Bless too to be honest, but if it doesn't make it I wouldn't be too fussed, would be a nice addition though.

    When it comes to Bless lore, char creator and armor, I'm 110% with you on that one, it looks amazing! I was really attracted to Bless solely from its char creation and the world (visuals often impact how much I like a game 8o) so it was nice to see the variety of options on creating a unique char in an open unique world!

    Just as you said, I'm actually glad that the devs decided to publish the game under their own power and not by another publisher, it gives them more reason to move away from the P2W aspect, which is a make or break when it comes to MMO's in my opinion.

    So far my thoughts on the game are pretty solid, when I mean solid, I mean that I'm pretty hopeful about Bless, I see many similarities of Bless to many of the MMO's I've played so far and I'm excited to see what else it has to offer. I love the visuals as I said before, the combat looks good from what we have but I'm also eager on seeing how the new combat system works, the game world looks amazing, the gameplay features looks great. THE TAMING!! FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for this to come on to a few MMO's, I remember playing Riders of Icarus and I had a great time playing it just cause I could tame wild creatures and make them my own, kinda gave me nostalgia to my younger Pokemon days :love::D

    Summed up; I'm quite hopeful for the game and I have realistic expectations that I'm hoping will get smashed.

    When it comes to the race and class selection in Bless, I've decided to play the "non-human" races just because I like to feel that sense of realism and get that role-playing feel, and also because I feel like it's a wasted opportunity to experience something new when you play as a boring human, which you play every day IRL :D I'd most likely be playing the Lupus/Panthera as I like the idea of having this beastly element to my char; and apparently these guys can transform into a beast form which I have to make a new thread for just to get some background info on that.

    As for the class, I want to play something that's quick, fast paced, but is high DPS, maybe a ranger, or the beserker? I'm not too sure yet, I like playing tanky classes too so maybe the guardian, I'm not too keen on magic based classes and I often stray away from support/heals, but I'm open to try them.

    Do you feel the same way? Do you have different ideas when it comes to classes and races of Bless? :/^^

    *EDIT* sorry for the long reply 8o

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