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English Patch

  • is the English Auto-Patcher made by Weakdayz.

    A guide on how to Register/Get the JP Client would be here for example: made by terrietie.

    Use to be linked here on Bless-Source side bar, not sure where the links/guides are now sorry.

    P.S: Have your VPN already on when launching the Auto Patcher, and the error that pops when you load the game on is because you don't have a Japanese Keyboard, just press OK and it launches.

  • I tried the patcher today. I start it up it starts up Bless and once i get in game there is no translation.

    What I see in the Bless Auto Patchers window is

    Will restore old .JPN files for faster check next time.

    Please keep application open until Bless is closed

    English Patch applied

    Applying English Patch

    Please keep application running

    Waiting for Bless to open. Press the red button on the launcher when ready.

    Checking for new patch.


    Thats the last of it and the progress bar shows 0% and below that in the left corner it says Waiting...

    Any help would be appreciated. I made it in but cant understand anything lol.