Can someone pass me a Win10 updated Xigncode folder?

  • So I downloaded Bless JP, connected through VPN just fine, updated the game to the latest patch, launched- I get the Xigncode3 E0010001 error. Doing some sleuthing around the net, I find it's an internal Xigncode issue and almost always gets fixed by another user handing over their copy... So that's what I'm here for, to ask another JP server player with a Windows 10 rig if they could spare a moment to pass along a ZIP of their XIGNCODE folder in GameOn/Bless/Binaries/Win64 so I can finally play this game and see for myself if I want to buy the NA version.

    Note: I am well aware the NA version is likely to be a rebuild of the KR Rebuild version, and as such the combat and various other features in the JP version will probably be nothing like the international version at least on a functionality standpoint. That said, there's more to a game than combat and crafting, and I want to experience first-hand if this game's setting, lore, overall feel, and most importantly customization of its keybinds and macros are right for me. Can't afford to go throwing money around willy-nilly, y'know? :thumbsup:

    Thanks in advance! <3

    EDIT: It seems this issue may not be related to the XIGNCODE folder whatsoever as much as simply being a massive issue with XIGNCODE and the latest release of Windows 10 (V.1803 - OS 17133.1). If anyone's gotten through the XIGNCODE issues with this precise version of Windows 10, please post something here or in a new thread detailing any troubleshooting for me as well as any others who wish to play on this Win10 update.

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  • Sadly with most MMORPG's this happens if you get the Newest Windows version before a Maintenance, Which is on the 18th of April at 8:30 for 6-7h's (Japanese Time and Date), it is annoying, had it before in other XIGNCODE games in the past.

    At least, I expect them to fix it on maintenance, keep in mind the most recent updates were "cancelled/postponed" by microsoft to fix a bug, so rolling back Windows might be the only solution if you don't want to wait till this or the next maintenance.

  • As Kapi stated, Windows 10's latest Insider build is incompatible with Bless' XIGNCODE3 config. It oddly works with Elsword, but not with Dragon Nest, Bless, etc. For now we just have to sit back and wait for Microsoft to update Windows 10 to rev. 17134 - The Spring Creators Update (Or Redstone 4).

  • Not sure if you still have the game but it looks like we might have a solution for getting it to work on 1803

    I'm in the discord as LokiReborn if ya want to hit me up to give it a try.