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<eXtreme> [EU-Physis Level 10 Guild] [English] [Casual] [Hieron] [PvX] [18+] Looking for Active Players No Obligations.


    We seek English Speaking Players, On the Physis Server in Europe, We are currently a Casual Guild and wish to expand our roster, If you seek a friendly guild to try out the game or continue your adventures then look no further!

    Our discord is optional but if you want to join it feel free to!


    About us
    eXtreme as a Guild on the EU Server of Physis is a group that has experienced several MMORPG's over the years, Personally as your leader I can assist the guild with my knowledge and experience in running guilds, I have been Officer and Leader in top tier guilds in every MMORPG I have played, Since Tibia into Vindictus into Black Desert all the way now into Bless, and I am really hyped about the game, I founded eXtreme here in Bless Online EU as I did not see any guild that fit my personal preference, I wanted a Guild that is Semi-Hardcore without overdoing it the same way I did in my previous games, As our members have real life duties to attend to we have transitioned into a Casual Guild, we accept players that enjoy PvE or PvP, we will do both and try to integrate every member into our activities! My Co-Leader has been with me since my Vindictus Days, And our team of Officers has a huge amount of experience overall in all the big MMORPG's from the past decade.

    What you can expect from us:
    1. PvP and PvE content alike.
    2. Mature and Competitive. (18+ Recruitment, Some Exceptions Can Be Made)

    3. Fun yet Organised guild. Anyone is welcome.

    4. A Alt Guild for your Secondary Character

    (Currently the Main Guild allows 1 Main Character (And if you have a second 45 Level Dungeon Alt you can also join with it while we have slots)

    5. We do Battle Grounds, Raids and Dungeons (Nothing is Mandatory) And Our Players Give Good Advice!

    6. The only thing that will ever be Mandatory is Territory wars when they enter the game, as it will be a fun experience and give us good gains, Still a long time to go till this is in game.

    1. English in Chats
    2. Have a Working Headset if you wish to least to listen to Raid Commanders in Territory Wars.
    3. Discord is Optional as of now, but it would be nice if you were on it!
    4. Be Awesome, We're not dead serious, we strive to improve together.

    5. Be Motivated to play, you don't have to do X or Y every day, all you have to do is progress. No pressure.

    6. If you don't log in for 7 days and did not notify a Officer/Leader you will be kicked, you are free to return when your back.

    7. As usual, keep it civil, only kicks for behaviour would happen if your harassing other members.

    If you agree with that, then Apply on our Discord or Whisper a Officer/Leader in game

    Kapi, Eollyn, Dascan, WudoO, System, Guide (In game names)

    Private Message any of these to join on our Discord or ingame, it is easier to catch us on Discord.

    (Inactive, Just used to post Recruitment Posts same as here, We fully use Ingame and Discord for communication.

    For Diplomacy Whisper Me on Discord: Kapi Heartlilly#1329

    We also accept small merges into our guild. and other guilds to come into us as we are a High Level Guild.


  • So far they seem to be a nice bunch.:thanksbless: 

    And as of now If you are looking for a guild that's planning on doing events together but not hardcore and prefer a friendly atmosphere over extensive meme spam (they have a separate channel for that) eXtreme is pretty much your only choice.

  • i wesh you good luck

    Thank you!


    Edit 2: Added Current Numbers, Still can't edit main post :/ Also we will have beyond 30 slots as we will level the guild fast so feel free to apply, alone or in groups! All are welcome!

    Edit 3: We are currently at 21/30 for the Launch Day(s) As the guild levels we will have more slots so don't be shy, just apply!

    We have a Chat named: #apply_to_guild simply write in there or if you prefer you can just whisper one of the leaders and talk to us on Discord!

    Kapi Heartlilly#1329

    Eollyn Heartilly#3220

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  • Hi - looks like the kind of place that would suit me. If I manage to get home from work at a reasonable hour I'll pop onto Discord for a chat.

    "Anyone can love a thing because. That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect"

  • 37/50 Currently, Nothing changes in regards of recruitment But the first 30 Members will have priority into the guild as it levels up to increase the member count.

    If you still wish to apply you are more then welcome to! We are mostly looking for Guardian's/Mages but every other class is welcome.

    After the Game launch's I might make a new topic if the thread remains impossible to edit the first post.

    The Guild System works (if no changes on our version)

    Level 1 = 10

    Level 2 = 20

    Level 3 = 30

    Level 4 = 40

    Level 5 = 50

    etc (Unless they changed/change it from prior versions) Might take a few days to get everyone inside!

    So no need to worry about slots!

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  • I'd be up for this!, I've recently switched from PS4 to a nice shiny new PC and having played ESO and FFXIV for a few years I am ready to get into a new challenge! (and also need a good new game to get into!)

    With any kind of MMO its always more fun with like minded team players!

    Team player with a good sense of humour, hoping this game will be a good one!

    I mainly prefer PVE but if PVP is good, and it does look good cool in Bless, I am always up for team play!

    I am Dutch but live in the UK, have a demanding job but can certainly make time for gaming and having fun!

  • We are slowing down our recruitment as our Early Launch Cap (50/60) is finally achieved at 50!

    So we will be only recruiting here on Bless-Source, After Launch once we actually reach beyond the 50 Guild Cap we will push for recruitment once again.

    If you don't mind waiting a bit longer you could still come and leave a message as the 50-60 range might have to wait a few days to get in.

    So I will stop advertising for a while until on Discord until post launch!

    Kind Regards



  • Updated the Topic, Going into Launch today, :hype:

    Edit: Updated Main Post, 10 More Slots! If your on Physis come and join us!

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • We cleaned a bit the guild as of lately, and are looking for new members to join us! We accept groups of players as well, We love doing BG's our main core, and dungeons, and some of us currently are focusing on making money, there is no pressure here as we are only Semi-Hardcore, so feel free to whisper a Officer or Leader on our Discord after checking the rules.

    We look forward to having you in our guild!

  • Still looking for players, We do Battle Grounds, and aim to do territory wars, if you wish to have some chill time without any obligations or being forced into doing raids and other stuff other high level guilds ask of you and your time then look no further, Join eXtreme Today! We are a Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild, so you won't feel pressured into doing anything. Enjoy the game with us!