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Black Squad, non-p2w FPS game developed by Neowiz

  • Black Squad is f2p FPS game inspired by CS:GO, now is in Early-access on Steam. It has received good reviews both on Steam community and Youtube, and also there are some players that are streaming right now on Twitch:

    It's a good sign that people are appreciating the game and its non-p2w nature, that means Bless will follow the same path.

  • I've played it a little bit. It's fairly fun and there aren't any real spawn times. I mean it may be like 3 seconds or something stupid low if I remember so you're back in the action so quick. The weapons in the game are decent as well, I saw folks using a variety of weapons, including myself that can get the job done. All in all it's a fun game, little to no glitches.

    There was, like in all games, a few times i've seen whiny 12 year olds who didn't want to try and accused everyone of cheating. The majority of the time nobody really says anything, and only a very rare few times i've had people actually respond.

    When you kill someone with a headshot you have a VERY satisfying crunch that you just have to get more of!

  • Adversting (Guests only)