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IMPACT® - Physis EU | Union | PvX | [Semi-Hardcore] LVL9 Guild

  • IMPACT® - FINEST COMPETITIVE GAMING since 1997 [PvX] Recruitment Open!


    The Multigaming Community Impact® is one of the most successful German Gaming Community!

    Our successes include server successes such as ArcheAge's First Black Pearl [EU/NA] as well as numerous German

    2nd Kills and other Bosses in Various Games. Furthermore we already had some interwees with well-known platforms

    like, GameStar, Onlinewelten and Mein-MMO. The founding members of the Impact Multigaming Community® (Since 1997)

    are characterized by many years of experience and goal-oriented organization, which are reflected in our experience of the community.

    and the family focus. Our main goal is to achieve everything that is required in high-end content (be it PvE or PvP).

    of an MMO's is to be called success. This is only possible through a lot of fun at the game, commitment and a high activity of the members. The prerequisite for this is first and foremost the willingness to play in a success-oriented style with a view to achieving a common goal. and the expansion of our community. We do not value guild hoppers, but offer a home to like-minded people who focus on PVP and endgame content and appreciate a family atmosphere.







    If you would like to start Bless with us, please contact us in our TS or here in the forum.

    Discord is also ready for you

    Impact Gaming Bless 2018

    Please do not hesitate to contact us via our Teamspeak or Discord


  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Zur Info wegen derzeit häufiger Rückfragen:

    Unsere Philosophie ist es, bei der Aufnahme von neuen Membern nicht nur auf die spielerichen Fähigkeiten, sondern hauptsächlich auf das Menschliche zu achten und versuchen auf jeden einzelnen einzugehen. Uns geht es beim Spielen nicht nur um den Sieg, sondern um den Spaß und die Kontakte, die man durch die dauerhaft wachsende Community gewinnt. Das war sicherlich nicht immer so, deshalb durchlaufen unsere neuen Mitglieder mittlerweile eine längere Probezeitphase, in der die Community Leitung besonders auf die Einhaltung der Impact Grundsätze achtet.


    • Der Spaß steht stets im Vordergrund
    • Zusammenhalt ist uns das Wichtigste
    • Du verfügst über eine gewisse Reife
    • Du bist zuverlässig und loyal
    • Du legst hohen Wert auf einen freundlichen Umgangston

    Sollten wir deine Fragen mit dieser Community Vorstellung nicht vollständig beantwortet haben, kannst du uns gerne kontaktieren. Gerne auch als Rückkehrer.

  • Adversting (Guests only)

  • Dear Community,

    Bless Online has made a very bumpy release start, which was overshadowed by many problems and also the big guilds did not get away unscathed, here a short status report from Impact. In the last days Bless Online felt more like a roller coaster ride. Performance problems, players who didn't even come into play and numerous refunds clouded the release and that didn't pass our community. The opinion about the game is also divided here. However, we have been able to accommodate the majority of our players on the EU server Physis. We have now focused on leveling the guild so that we can invite everyone into the guild. This will certainly take another 1-2 weeks. How many we will end up with also depends on how stable the game will run in the next few days and what the end content will look like. So it is quite possible that in the next 2 weeks there will be vacancies here again. Please be patient and if you made it to the EU Server Physis and want to become a part of the Impact Community, please contact us in our TS or Discord.

    We wish everyone a great time in Bless Online

    Impact Gaming Community

  • Dear Community,

    After we, like in every game, have separated the wheat from the chaff,

    we continue to welcome new members who enjoy and play actively PVP in Bless

    you are not only online once a week...

    (Please no lone fighters and Wannabes Pro´s - We are looking for Team Players!!!)