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  • Ok, looks like the premium sub is $30? Here is my issues:

    1) Neowiz stated a while back this would be a B2P platform and got a lot of hype cause that is what the players wanted in majority, at least, that is what I saw, spare me with you complaining that isn't what you saw or wanted this is a generalized statement about what I saw, ok?

    2) Most subs I have payed to play in an MMO have been no more than 15 bucks and had this been the case with this game I would have bought the biggest founder pack available and played the shit out of it because that also allows me to budget for another good MMO if I like it. I like playing more than one game but if the sub is this high, I can't do that as readily. So, I can choose to play this one, or play two equally as good ones if I find them....

    With those points on the table, I don't like being lied too right off the bat by the marketing team. If you promised or said something, you stick to it. Also, if you are charging more than 15 for a premium sub per month, I doubt I am going to play at all because while you aren't making as much $$$ the majority of your players make way less than your game per month. ;) you make more by making it more available in the long run. I am an accounting major with 10 plus years of sales and marketing background to boot. I have the knowledge to stand on when I say pricing yourself out of a market is a thing and its happening more and more in the gaming industry. This is looking to be an example of that, or so it would seem.

    Keep in mind this post is not to incite any drama, its just my views. Some will agree, some will not. It's fine. Differences of opinion are good and keeps things interesting in life. :)