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    Thanks for sharing. My biggest hope is that Paladin can be a viable tank. I'm going to try and make it happen!

    The Paladin can tank because there's an entire core(tree) dedicated to it
    the only issue is keeping aggro a lot due to cd of aggro/taunt skills on the Paladin and their dmg to keep the monsters on them

    If i would rank tanks though Gaurdian>Berserker=Paladin the Berserker has the dmg to stick to the boss but unlike the paladin it dies a lot faster in hardcore pve boss fights due less defensive skills and inability to heal itself

    right-clicking the auto atk spell turns off the automatic dmg
    if the box is highlighted yellow or you use right click instead of lef-click you will highlight the box to continuously auto atttack which is good for the shield duration and keeping your mana up in boss fights

    i've not had an issue with using flame burst then the other fire spells because there's a nice little animation cast time before you use the automated auto attack....
    i'd suggest just being faster with your rotations, because having auto atk off is really hurting your mana pool and shield duration
    and that's free damage when you have to run around and dodge telegraphed attacks in dungeons or pvp

    also the fire gauge thing makes your next fire spell crit so you're not losing much if you miss with an auto attack

    As a Pure Mystic myself.... i would be shunned for picking druid and although the Mystic's skills are tied to animals and nature for some
    they also have a ton of spells that are just generally mystical plus the name sounds fancier... and i'm biased lol

    wow great news
    i better be included in the early feedback, simply because i will complain if the mage is still rubbish after the greatness it was pre-rework lol
    and i know quite a bit about the game as well :3

    but yay finally a western release is on the horizon

    please read this ....
    the mage no longer having mana shield and a handful of other spells like sleep and cooling/ freeze spell is making it hard to do anything with at higher lvls
    it has so many struggles and you removing it's survivability at late game is making it even harder to do well even for people who played this class on the live server

    please think about the changes you made to the mage class, i'm very unhappy with the updates done to it's skill set

    this sound great... but i cant buy this acc coz i dont have paypal.. if someone can help me to get this acc i will be so thankfull :P:P:P:P:P:P:P

    you don't need a paypal, i believe paypyal has a guest feature so you don't even need to sign up, just use as a guest but it could depend on the site

    I think it's really unnecessary and is just to "go with the trend". I would rather the mascu race stay only as a humanoid fur race. Oh well tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    A teaser of the warlock weapon.. for you.

    i mean i'm not a fan of it either it just seems to pander to the big loli craze in korea as of late since tera....

    also those are old warlock weapons.... the warlock has been scrapped and i believe it doesn't use the scythe anymore...
    some of it's spells went to the mystic class and they went back to the drawing board for the warlock roughly 9 months ago


    also does that mean we can make Humans and elves the same max height as Lupus and idk the other one.... lol

    also it's weird seeing Mascu without ears... but i guess if people want a loli race.... this is their best alternative....

    lol wait did i say ranged?
    but yeah what vegas said

    ranger is archer/ bow user and they are 3 ranged classses in the game

    ALSO i made a mistake the assassin was the 5th class not the ranger... so i have no idea why the ranger is not in the test server as it was one of the original 4 classes

    Why, why no archer Q.Q I guess it's hard to make it, it could turn out like Tera archer copy

    the ranger is already in the game along with mystic on the live version
    but the ranger and mystic did not launch in the original game...
    so i'm assuming they didn't have time to start up their combat updates to fall in line with the original 5 classes yet. so give them time

    wow that's awesome. already downloading the pre-launch beta test client

    but 2 versions of bless on my computer?! my poor, limited storage space....

    sad we have to craft taming scrolls now.... i hope the reward of taming is worth this nerf and balances it out to make it more fun
    glad summoning now gives your pets and mounts exp, and finally i can use an item to replenish my mounts sprint power (which was always empty lol)

    wow this reminds me of Aion and Forsaken world and now makes crafting more specialized which is awesome and we can finally get recipe drops from bosses?! Totally Aion and i love having something to gain in pve group events for your craft. Separates the good crafters from the great ones

    Quick question ... how do we get onto the test server? Asking for myself and a friend who badly want to join in on the fun.

    Furia said as long as you have an existing korean account you can automatically get into the test server
    and i believe you play on the korean server, right? so you should be fine