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      Kindred is a not so secretive two pronged order, open to all of the allied races, who works outside the Empire's influence. This offers them the advantage to act quickly and strategically without the need to obtain the correct line of approval or file the appropriate paperwork. They are adventurers, crafters, noblemen, servants, merchants, and traders working together to build a strong force against the growing corruption in the world.

      The Inner Council, the Kindred's leadership, is comprised of strong tactical minds who are seeking the best and brightest across the northern continent for special missions and protection details. Bounty Hunting, Supply Deliveries, Escorting Civilians and Merchants, Espionage, Assisting the Hieron Empire’s Military with offensive and defensive maneuvers (PvP and PvE) are all within the specialties of the order's membership. And the Kindred will always answer the call.


      Kindred is a place where a wide variety of personalities can thrive along side each other. What binds us together is the drive to protect the Northern Territories and its people from the unforeseen dangers that threaten our very way of life. However, depending on an Unproven's background they may find themselves relating with one house more than the other.

      Noblemen, politicians, servants, scholars, craftsmen and merchants might find a common interest under House Rogaen. If the hustle and bustle of the city and the interesting challenges faced in civil society excites you then this Noble house will best suit you.

      Traders, trappers, spies, hunters, and those who believe the great unknown calls their name will find kindred spirits with Nyxa and her Hunters within the order. If the wilderness calls to your heart, then you were born for the hunt.



      Veteran and new roleplayers alike are welcome within Kindred! We are seeking members who strive to be an active contributor to the community. The extroverts, the party starters, go-getters, and the committed are the types of players we want running under our banner. Before submitting your application ask yourself one very important question. What type of roleplayer are you? Do you go out into the world to carve our your own story? Maybe even bring a few friends along for the ride? If you answered yes to this then we urge you to submit an application to Kindred and let the adventure begin!


      At launch, Kindred will begin organizing a raiding team to progress through endgame content as it becomes available. If you are a roleplay raider make sure to note that on your application.


      Kindred is searching for the RP-PvPers out there to conquer World PvP, end game arenas, battlegrounds, and sieges for the Empire.

      Interested in learning more? Stop by our guild page to learn more about the Kindred

        • Hello hello hello!!! I'm sorry I getting back to the thread a little late. It's been a busy time getting ready for launch. Bless Roleplayers is still active! You can stop by and join us! We also have a RP Community discord you can join.

          Hope to hear from you soon!

            • I was pleasantly surprised at the calibre of questions in this interview compared to the other two this week. I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled they are developing some kind of housing system and that they finally answered the "other races" question. It seemed those two topics were always skipped over when a good portion of the community wanted to know.

              All in all I hope this is a sign of Neowiz turning on the faucet of information to full blast. No more silence!

                • Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Bless Roleplay! We are still around and kicking.

                  Interested in roleplaying in Bless Online? Stop by and check us out. Info in the OP.

                    • B2P was ahead pretty much the whole time by a few hundred votes. Nothing is getting ruined. Anyone who has been around the past 2 years or more knows the community is very vocal about wanting a B2P system.

                      If a surge of F2P votes came in within the last few minutes most likely a bot. This site gets them from time to time. Nothing was done by Furia to make a certain one win.

                        • In recent updates, they have added the starting zones for those races(they are empty though). Warlock is still listed in the class selection, its just not selectable. So it's pretty clear that the other races and the warlock class will still come sooner or later.

                          This is great. =D

                          I know there are many still keeping their fingers crossed for the Iblis/Fedaying, Siren, and Warlock to be available at release. This . . . this renews my hope! *dances*

                          Again, thank you Furia.

                          P.S. I pulled some of this information over to Bless Roleplayers, linking back to Bless Source multiple times (This thread and the page).

                            • This is wonderful Furia! Thank you.

                              Is there a corresponding official Neowiz or Pmang page stating this is just unreleased (and not abandoned)? Or is this considered an official announcement?

                                • Hello! Welcome to the community. Pull up a chair and eagerly wait with the rest of us.

                                    • Just throwing my two cents in there.

                                      If they were to go the "Free 2 Play" route: I'd like to see a partnership option that opens up all the features of the game without a daily cap (unlimited dungeon runs, auction house listings, etc.). Maybe a daily allotment of cash shop currency for fun cosmetic items.

                                      If they go "Buy 2 Play": honestly, a lot of the same as the Free 2 Play route, but a lower initial purchase price. Maybe $10? Then see above.

                                      Subscription Model: I honestly don't think this route will work for Bless Online, but BUT I would like to be proven wrong. I much prefer Sub Model games, I'm just nervous that the amount of hardship this game has had over the past few years might deter players if a $15 sub was slapped onto the game. Especially if there is a box price purchase on top of the Sub.

                                      Again, I would LOVE to be proven wrong. Have a subscription model with the cosmetic / cash shop items attainable through In Game means (crafters and AH items) is best for the game economy in my opinion.

                                      WITH THAT SAID:

                                      I'm setting aside money to get the highest package (reasonable) that they offer. I've been waiting for this game since 2011 and the way Neowiz has listened/interacted with the community has me hopeful. So I will be supporting the game as best I can. I don't even really need early access.

                                        • Exactly Vega!

                                          The main thing that attracted me to Bless initially was it's potential to "expand" from the original game. Do we need Naval Combat right away? No, right now the "world" consists of a single continent where the races are butting heads in a land war. Once the expansions start growing the world and bringing other continents into play. Bring on the Naval Combat and Merchant Trading!! As the game grows, and they add additional features, it could really turn into something magical that evolved over time. I love those types of games. It makes them feel alive in a way.

                                          Now, when it comes to the races. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will see an NA/EU release with all races and classes, not just the ones currently listed. I hope . . . really hope . . . that we won't be waiting for the Iblis/Fedayin, Siren and Warlock until after launch. *crosses toes as well . . . just in case*

                                            • Just coming up on this thread now . . . Do we have links to any released information on Naval Combat. Just so I can take a look see myself?


                                              Am I misreading Pentrep's response entirely?

                                                • If anything, we do try to update the Wiki as we get more information. So you could always follow the front page to hear about updates.

                                                  I believe there is a French Roleplay Community as well if you haven't heard about that page yet. :thumbsup:

                                                    • Heh, not sure how I should take this. I'm an avid roleplayer as well, but don't really enjoy spontaneous, open world PvP. Does that make me a "carebear"... ? :huh:

                                                      In any case, I've always been a supporter of the official RP tag on server names as I strongly believe it helps the community, and especially newcomers, to simply know where to look if they intend to roleplay. However I'm not entirely sure it's the greatest idea to try and split our already very small playerbase. Under other circumstances, I'd say heck, let's make a server for each kind of players, PvP, PvE, RPPvE, RPPvP, etc... but today, simply looking at forums, Steam boards and other places, it unfortunataly appears we aren't a lot to be excited for the game. (Yet... ?)

                                                      I am honestly torn here, because I'd definitely love to meet other roleplayers, but I certainly wouldn't want to end up on a dead server. While I'm willing to take a few risks, I still very much intend to play the game "seriously", gear up, find a somewhat competitive guild, explore and clear as much content as possible.

                                                      *waves* Hello Lileen! It wasn't my intention to insinuate that if you are a roleplayer and do not want to partake in spontaneous open world PvP that you should be instantly labeled a "carebear". I'm sorry if that is the impression you received from my post. What I was addressing was the comments in this thread that Roleplayers would automatically request a change in the core functionality of the game for their designated server. The PvE vs PvP server idea/request in this case in NOT coming from the RP community, like I think many believe. It is a conversation within the larger community as a whole. There are many in the roleplay community who share your view. It's just that there are an equal amount who look forward to the Open world PvP aspects of this game. Now, do I think this is something that would fracture the community if the designated PvP server was somehow PvE? I don't think so. We are a pretty strong sub-community, in general. We will stick with each other.

                                                      I suggest, if you haven't yet, come check out out at if you are an avid RPer! Hop in our discord and get to know everyone!


                                                      Back to the OP

                                                      I find the recent announcement by the titan game World of Warcraft to be pretty interesting. A game that is a giant in its own right, and one that has held PvP specific servers for a long time, has decided to remove the PvP Server tag all together. Giving the option to the player on whether or not they want to be flagged 100% of the time out in the world. Initially is sounds like the 100% flagged and un-flagged players would be in different "instances of the world". Is this a sign of the times that the PvE player is actually a bigger and more profitalble demographic than the PvP player?

                                                      Question is, could something like that work for Bless AND be a healthy compromise for the two sides of this argument? The players who want PvP on all the time can have that option and the players who want to remain un-flagged can go out into the world to enjoy their PvE time.

                                                        • Some great points are made in this thread when it comes to PvE vs PvP servers. I honestly don't think I could add anything the the conversation except say that I agree that the Western Audience has a strong desire to have a choice. Personally, I don't see the harm in having a PvE and PvP designation / rule-set on the servers. It gives the game's targeted demographic a choice without alienating possible customers. . . hence lowering the ultimate potential profit for the game. Hardcore PvPers who think that PvE servers are silly can just ignore them and go slaughter each other to their hearts content while the PvE focused players can enjoy the game on their server.


                                                          The question is: "How is the code for the game written?" And . . . "How long would it take to update the code to allow for PvE servers?" Requirements around flagging on a PvP server would need to be outlined. Could a flagged person kill an unflagged person? Does an unflagged person accidentally hitting (or healing on the same faction) a flagged person in turn flag the unflagged? All may be simple answers to us here on the forums, but we have to remember that it takes time to write code (if it is not already in the system). So would we be willing to wait that extra time to get our game if they could deliver a quality experience for both the PvP AND PvE gamer?

                                                          ON THE ROLEPLAYER TOPIC!!!!

                                                          *bows* I am an avid roleplayer as well as the Owner/Admin of the unofficial RP website and I can tell you that the PvP server vs PvE server debate is alive and well even withing our own community. I'm sad to see that the "stigma" of the roleplayer automatically being a carebear PvE sunshine and rainbows player still lives. There are many within the community **cough** we are gathering at **cough** who are attracted to Bless simply because of it's PvP elements. In fact, when Aeria Games was the original publisher I asked about the possibility of an RP designated server. They seemed open to it, but I'm not sure if Neowiz is. However, the roleplay community has NOT asked or suggested that the RP designated server also be PvE. Many of us in the Bless Roleplayers Discord would prefer that the open world PvP stay in the game if we get an RP designated server. Bless' story is one of two factions at war. We want to live in that world.

                                                          What is typically meant when roleplayers ask for a designated server we are asking simply for one thing. A "- RP" or some sort of visual queue at the end of the server title. A few characters, click of the keyboard that take a few seconds to input into the system. We believe it is important for helping our sub-community (one of the stronger and larger sub-communities in the MMO Gaming world) organize and gather together. Yes, we can often hold unofficial polls to select our own server, but a new player just loading up the game . . . who may not know of our unofficial site and server choice . . . would easily know where the community they are looking for is in the game.

                                                          In short. The Non-RP PvPers can have all the other servers. Let us have one RP-PVP server. :thumbsup:

                                                            • Thanks for stopping by the site! I would also suggest checking out the wiki. (Though it needs an update BADLY) I have some of the translated stuff there.


                                                              For the ones I don't have translated, I can send you everything after I get home from work today. My only ask would be if you found someone to translate could you let me know? I already have blanked out images that can be updated with the English Timeline.

                                                                • Unfortunately ever since they redesigned (almost 2 years ago) the site I haven't been able to find the pages specifically speaking about the Eras and the history of the world.

                                                                  Fortunately, I saved all of the 'lore stories' and timelines in the original Korean before the pmang site redesign. So that is how I have them. Over at Bless Roleplayers we put together a lore translation project but it lost steam when the updates for the game became few and far between.

                                                                  If you want all of the Korean images/stories I can send them to you. =D