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    • Sziasztok bocsi nem néztem ezt a fórumot ^^

      Vasaminator jelenleg nem játszom japóval de lehet visszanézek : )

      Chronika igen jövök EU-sra csak még nem tudom melyik frakció alá : ))

      am ha gondoljátok csatlakozzatok:)

        • <MagyarLegend> (EN/Hun/IN) Guild recruit active and newbie international players in Japan Server.

          Server: リリアンテス (JP)
          Chat Language: English
          Guild lv3: (Mount speed +3% Combat exp +3%)
          Guild Leader: Miroku , Ywerd
          Guild: Newbie PvE oriented.
          If you can Join, you can send whisper to me: Miroku msg ingame , and add me friend list . or send PM there your ingame char name..

            • Working im solved problem : ) if start game not use login or re-login only open and click game start button :3 <3:love:8o 

                • We are on the server with the longest name. There is no english-community guild that accepts everyone for japan right now. But I believe the majority is playing on the server we are on.

                  hi i today start. : )
                  st2. server union side :D

                    • Try use good VPN. and + Pingzapper ^^ 
                      I try use mudfish but login and game start API page do not appear me.. i think vpn accepted but mudfish proxy and get login block.. : )
                      later i test good vpn + WTFAST and good vpn + Pingzapper
                      me normal ping EU/hungary 280-300ms if i use only bad vpn..

                        • i try other browser and same ip but same.. new login need re enter japan img code -.- someone know methode that not need img verification all time?

                            • All login time need re-enter japan capatcha img verification :/ its shit.. -.- someone have this problem?
                              but i use Chrome and cookie accepted so.. i do not understand that why -.-

                                • It's like watching a child finally start to grow up. They have a long way to go, but you can tell they're now on the right path. :) 

                                  This is not so sure !! :!: 
                                  We have not seen the rebuild game yet ...
                                  Only imanges , informations.. And many promises:)
                                  I suggest everyone to wait and try first time. :love:

                                    • Hello, i need buy a verified Bless KR account ,

                             = Stock out X( 

                                      anyone know some url ????

                                      Hiho ^^ yep but seagame is cheap.. 1-3 day and available in stock : ) ceep calm :pp
                                      Other…ea-open-beta-account.html or 8o

                                        • Thank you dear Furia. You'd know how to tell me how long will it be available (online) test server?
                                          I know starting august 1.
                                          But we do not know how long it will take for a test server to be available. Forever online? ^-^:love::saint:

                                            • you really helped me guys :) big thank you <3

                                              welcome there ^-^

                                              I imagine that when it's up, the test server will be selectable alongside the normal server, but I do not know. HOWEVER, I can help with getting the game downloaded and set up. Nito has an amazing guide for that here. It's a little dated, but still absolutely useful for getting the game running. :)

                                              yes But I think the test server needs to work with separate new rebuild procejt game files
                                              So I still do not understand how they will be working.

                                                • Hey guys,
                                                  I am new here. I played on the russian servers and want to play again on the kr testservers.
                                                  But i have no idea where or how to create an account.
                                                  hope you can help me :/ 

                                                  Hiho welcome there : ) you need kr bless pmang verified account. You can buy an account there cheap:

                                                  2.34$ accepted paypal pament methode or credit card ect...
                                                  you can bless game download there:
                                                  click blue or red button that start download.
                                                  English patch find there or discord : )
                                                  Test server(game new rebuilded version not live now! release after july25).
                                                  Wait Furia news : )
                                                  I hope i help to you ^-^
                                                  sorry bad english...
                                                  Welcome  :love:

                                                    • Hi guys, Someone know that Korean test server is the same as the new developed Japanese version? O:o

                                                      New Video improved jp version:

                                                      Or is it completely different? :( 
                                                      I see jp new version changed UI ability(skill) hotkey, and added +1 hotkey 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 9
                                                      so added 9. slot.
                                                      Maybe korean test server have same 9 ability slot? i hope 9 ability slot ^-^


                                                        • Sziasztok!
                                                          Hamarosan lehet csatlakozni a klánhoz.
                                                          Az orosz verzióban válaszd a : Гиракон rnpakoh szervert és Hiron frakciót.
                                                          További információk a facebook oldalunkon olvashatóak
                                                          Facebook oldal

                                                          Eng version text:
                                                          Soon you can join the clan.
                                                          The Russian version to choose: Гиракон rnpakoh server and Hiron fraction.
                                                          More information can be read on the facebook page
                                                          Click here bless hungary facebook sites

                                                          hi all :saint: