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    • We don't know at this point yet but be prepared to use a VPN. There is a reason why Russia had to put up an IP block on RU Bless, it's because Neowiz wants to keep the CIS market and the EU/NA market separate. You'll very likely have to do the same thing that we have to do now and log in through a VPN.

        • There is no color upgrade system so far.
          You can fuse two runes of the same rarity and level to get a higher level rune of the same rarity.

            • This guide is not up to date and I don't think such an NPC still exists. On RU servers you craft your PvP sets yourself with the medals you get rewarded with every week.

                • Play Russian version, get the English patch, pick Гиракон as server and Hieron faction and join an English-speaking guild. There are a few so you shouldn't be alone.
                  Also there are free VPNs (FlyVPN and Softether to name the ones I use).

                    • Lupus can also be mystics I believe.

                      Endgame is short, but difficult, dungeons with a certain amount of lockouts per week (mostly 10 times per week). There are 5-man and 10-man dungeons as of now, I don't think there is a 20-man raid yet.

                        • If you made a berserker the game probably assigned you its "non-targeting" mode by default, which is pseudo-action. But the default combat in Bless is tab-targeting/point and click. Every action you take costs you some time (often, you cannot move or use other skills while the animation for the previous skill is being executed). It has a tactical pace. You can't dodge and hit at the same time, choose carefully the next action while the previous action is being executed. Also, there is no point trying to run around enemies, if they have already started their normal attack animation it will always land even if you're behind them (obviously red AoE markers on the ground are an exception, I'm really talking about normal attacks that will hit you no matter what). Try stunning the opponent and using your Shift ability as much as possible to avoid damage.

                            • I didn't say tanks have no AoE at all. I said they don't have much. As far as I remember we have only one AoE damage skill with a low cooldown, and its damage is pretty low. It's nothing compared to what berserkers or mages can do. I wasn't talking about PvP, of course you have tons of control in PvP. You don't have enough AoE power to grind huge groups of mobs like berserkers do is what I mean.

                              Assassins and archers are pretty close DPS-wise on a single target, assassins are the best, archers are second best, plus they have the advantage of being ranged.

                              Also OP's question about how long it takes to die in PvP wasn't specifically about mass PvP. In 1vs1 time to kill is pretty big. Of course you won't live long when focused by 10 people in mass pvp... But in small scale encounters it may take quite some time to kill an enemy player, unlike in other games where you can two- or oneshot people.

                                • Time to kill in Bless is quite big, no one gets immediately slaughtered.
                                  Tanks barely have any AoE. Berserkers aren't tanks, although they can act like one, when people say "tank" they usually refer to the guardian whose DPS is poor.
                                  If you want to play a boss killer class play assassin or archer (but mages get buffed in the level 50 patch, and they already have really good single-target DPS).
                                  Haven't played an archer. They seem to have one of the best single-target damage and are mage killers but get slaughtered by melee.

                                    • You click twice on the cash shop bag. There is a storage tab, but for whatever reason it doesn't display the first time you open the shop, so you need to close it and open it again. Then you'll see two tabs at the top, the second one is the storage where you retrieve items from.

                                        • What Nito says, except mages can be built for all instant spells and tons of stuns so they can DPS on the move and never let the target reach them, they aren't the inferior version of rangers like Nito's post could make you think.

                                          Berserkers are probably the fastest levelers. Heavy armor plus huge AoE damage and stuns means you can pull several mobs then AoE them down before they kill you, a feat that's much harder to pull off with other classes.

                                          On the Russian servers, tanks are actually the go-to class for PvP... They kill pretty much anyone in 1vs1 except ice mages and good paladins. This will change at level 50. Tanks are also very needed in mass PvP.

                                            • When you look at items, these tertiary stats are either white or grey-colored; if it's white it is useful to your class, if it's grey it has no effect on your class.
                                              All three do the same thing (raise critical chance and haste) but only one of them works for a given class.

                                                • That's a pretty biaised reply. Revelation is the only MMO that is currently scheduled to be released on the international market along with Bless, which inevitably makes it very anticipated by a lot of people, some of whom are also waiting for Bless. Two MMOs releasing at more or less the same time are in competition however you want to look at it. They don't appeal to the same demographic, for sure, but neither of them should be discounted as "not competiton" for the other.

                                                    • Aeria Games will support English for sure, likely French as well. They usually also support German but German was dropped from some of their recent projects (Dragomon Hunter, I think). We can expect English and French for sure. They won't have Korean though, nor Russian as it's a different publisher that does the Russian version.

                                                      However, given the language files are so easy to find you can just copy/paste the files from whatever version you want. If you want to play in Korean on the international servers just put the Korean language files into the localization folder.