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    • I went to Siraka (Siren starting area) last week to see if they made any changes, like adding npcs, etc, but they haven't made any progress. It's the same as it was in korean version of the game.

      • I've been playing since the 2nd cbt in Korea and I think they released the game too early. The optimization and the lack of content were the main issues in my opinion. I wonder if they will bring the game to the west with a new version of DirectX or if the game will stay on DirectX9.The optimization still concerns me because the game focus on large scale battles. I think they are improving but still have a long way to go. We also know that korean MMO market has changed a lot, there's a lot of MMO's available on the market but it seems that most of korean players prefers mobile games at the moment.

          • The red button means start!!! and you HAVE to replace the language files very quickly after the launcher disappears BEFORE the splash launches!

            The servers are very high populated, 2 servers, one is aparently full and one high. testing it now in terms of ping stuff. theres a fix i think within the guide below:


            You can use a .bat to replace the files in JPN folder, here's mine:

            xcopy /s/e/Y "C:\Users\Ike\Desktop\patch\JPN" "C:\GameOn\Bless\BLGame\Localization\JPN"

            This code replaces the files in C:\GameOn\Bless\BLGame\Localization\JPN with the files from the ENG patch located in C:\Users\Ike\Desktop\patch\JPN.

            You need to modify the path according to your english patch location. After that, just paste the code into notepad++ or wordpad and save it as filename.bat. Don't forget to make a backup of your JPN folder first.

            Start the game and when the filecheck ends, just execute the .bat file.

              • Looks much more of a modern MMORPG character creator screen now. The old look was.. getting old.

                Those characters look very similar to some of the Bless art in the fan packages.

                I guess they don't have mascu yet?

                Hi Nocht,

                Mascu wasn't available yet, but I don't they will take long to make them available.

                  • Wait, you have to stay connected to the VPN the whole time with the Japanese version? There's no more just keeping it up through the verification shield and then killing it? Ung, that's irksome. Honestly, these region locks are such a stupid thing. I understand the reasoning behind them, but they're so easy to bypass that it seems silly to even bother with them to begin with.

                    I'm adoring those new backgrounds though.

                    Hi Nayukhuut,

                    Unfortunately you can't disconnect the VPN like we used to do in Bless Korea, I don't know if they are going to change this. Yeah, the new backgrounds looks awesome. ;)

                      • Hi everyone,

                        The japanese OBT will start start on 2nd November. I was able to login into Bless JP but unfortunately, you must keep the vpn on all the time. You can create your character already. They also changed some screens:

                        *Tutorial to play the japanese version provided by TerryTie:…t-playing-bless-in-japan/

                        • Hello guys, as you all may know, now the mounts have their appearance changed when they achieve the legendary grade. I've been following this russian player on the last days while he was trying to achieve the legendary level and now he finally made it. It's really nice to see the change, looks like Neowiz is doing a good job.

                          You can see the changes at 4:50 (purple) and then 5:00 (legendary) on the video below.

                          One more thing: his mount came with a legendary skill that causes fear on enemies within 10m after unmounting.

                            • -Human Mascu will be an alternative style
                              -There are no info about upcoming races or classes yet

                              -I will collect feedback and questions and discuss them with neowiz once a month from now on and post the results on our forums. This will make things easier for both sites.

                              I've opened a Forum for everyone who will play on the Rebuild Test Server btw Rebuild Test Server

                              Great. I don't play as Mascu but I also like to see them running around... and dying lol.

                                • Yeah, DON'T TOUCH THE MASCU! :D

                                    • Hi guys, long time no see!

                                      I hope everyone's doing ok.

                                      I found the official youtube channel of the japanese version of the game, we can already see some of the changes in there:

                                      * 33:31- New character selection screen.
                                      * 36:41 - Berserker auto attack looks better in my oppinion, the combat seems a little bit faster and there's a camera shaking effect that reminds me BDO.
                                      * 38:32 - The old and the new combat, side by side.

                                      There's also changes in UI and character customization, some of them are already implemented, you can check on their videos.

                                      Here's the list:


                                        • True, game optimisation is still very very bad.True, they did not add a single skill in game... however this is only Beta :) 
                                          False, There are specific pets giving status that you can only buy with real money (the leopard with santa's hat is one of them), P2W feature... I have never seen any pet in Lumens shop that you cannot get by playing the game, sorry.
                                          False, Bugs like the flying mount bug, where suddenly your mount doesn't fly anymore until you go to character selection screen... this is not an bug but the feature. They did not allow flying mounts for purpose, to do not avoid pvp by flying around and flying mounts are available to 1% of players from World Bosses, events etc.

                                          The game is under constant development and they are adding more and more features and bug fixed every 3 weeks (guild wars, rune synthesis changes to stabilise the market, jewellery quest bug fix etc.

                                          There is a hope for this game :) 

                                          The pets I'm talking about weren't sold in lumens shop because the only way you could get them was paying real money. You can't get the leopard with santa's hat anywhere in the game and they give +45 magical attack. They are not for sale anymore, but you can see them very often in my server. I hope they don't bring this kind of things to EUA/EU.

                                          The bug is a bug, not a feature. I know you can't fly in specific areas but it happens anywhere in the game until you go to character screen or re-login, there's nothing to do about being avaible for players or not be able to fly in specific areas, it just happens.

                                            • I've been playing the game since the 2nd CBT in Korea and the game has been improved in all aspects but I have some concerns:

                                              -The optimization is better after the latest update on RU servers but it's not enough, and to be honest, far from being playable. You can barely get 15fps on sieges on mininum graphics settings and the World Boss is a joke. (I'm playing on GTX1070 + 8gb RAM + I7 4790 + SSD).

                                              -The game is crashing a lot to everyone after the latest patch.

                                              - They did not add a single skill in game.

                                              -There are specific pets giving status that you can only buy with real money (the leopard with santa's hat is one of them), P2W feature.

                                              -Bugs like the flying mount bug, where suddenly your mount doesn't fly anymore until you go to character selection screen.

                                              I hope that Aeria take at least 1 year to bring the game to NA because they need time to fix things, including bugs, otherwise the game will fail like it did in Korea.

                                              And yes, Aeria Games is failling in give us information about the current status of NA/EU versions.

                                              Sorry about my english. ;)

                                                • wth... pets giving stats? go to hell xp101... I won't renew my subscription next month.

                                                    • I think Bless was released too early, without a lot of basic features, poor optimization and almost no endgame content. They have been improving a lot of things since Blazing Fire has arrived and I'm happy with the effort they are putting on the game since the 2CBT. The game itself has an amazing world, races, details and landscapes, but korean market has changed a lot and I don't think we are going to see too many pc games with a lot of servers like we used to see some years ago, korean primary market now is mobile. I'd like to see sieges with no instanced zones, 10vs10 or 6vs6 events and the world boss system reworked. More skills would be good as well (I got only 2 skills from lv45 to lv50).. btw, I love the game and I'll continue to play until it becomes p2w.

                                                        • I'm not sure if this is the case but looks like they didn't send you a verified account, they must verify the account with a korean cell phone.

                                                            • 1 - Enable the option to view hidden folders in windows
                                                              2 - Login into Bless website with your account.
                                                              3 - Go to C:\ProgramData\Neowiz\Pmang\Launcher and click on the launcher icon (you will get an message after that, dont close the message). I suggest you to create a shortcut for this icon, because you'll need to launch it everytime you'll play the game.
                                                              4 - Start the game through Bless website (using vpn).
                                                              5 - Shutdown vpn after gameguard verification.

                                                              Yeah, I know it s**** to start the game. :P

                                                                • I don't really know what they mean with "rework", but they can't rebuild the combat. They can make it better adding new chain skills or improving the "auto attack" skill. The game has been developed for more then 6 years using tab target as combat system, they would have to rebuild the game to make it a truly action MMORPG. The combat is far from being awesome, but its not so bad like some people say. On the other hand, the landscapes, armor designs and game lore that Bless has to offer are gorgeous. In my oppinion, they should focus on improve the target combat system instead of doing a hybrid system, this will not work. My real concern about the game is how Aeria will handle the game on the west and how often Neowiz will deliver new content, because korean primary market is mobile and people don't play MMORPG's like 5 years ago.