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    • Nobody knows. All we know is the Western publisher is Aeria Games. The latest news from them was that they're reworking the entire combat system, so most likely a delay.

      We were scheduled a Alpha testing last summer, but obviously that got pushed back to unknown time

        • Welcome to the hype train! Yea, I myself been waiting since like 2012ish for this game, I can definitely say it has shown a superb amount of improvement.

          I mean the soundtrack is produced by Hans Zimmer

            • To be honest, It'll be pretty hard to update this considering people get burned out constantly so there's no real metric.

              I would honestly suggest going on the Discord and seeing where majority of people are.

                • Well, from my understanding it's going to be free-to play. But there will most likely be a Cash shop. And well, it's Aeria games, so there's going to be prob some sort of optional VIP service such as ArcheAge

                  "Korean developer NEOWIZ GAMES has signed a deal with online game publisher Aeria Games to bring its ambitious free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Bless to the West."

                  Source -…bless-online-in-the-west/

                    • I would honestly take the complaints with a grain of salt. I believe Aeria Games, the publisher for the Western release is aware of them and actually addressed these issues. So, things are still subject to change.

                      But welcome aboard to the hype train!

                        • Update - Guilty Crown Administration has abolished all requirements such as TS3 or application. We chose to do "Free-Market" Guild style. Since this is the KR-Server, we're all in the process of learning more about the game and have come to realize that Guilty Crown is sort of the "Central-Hub" for English Speaking players on Union. However, we will be providing TS as a resource for those that want to communicate in real-time.

                          We have opted to allowed all individuals the ability to invite into the guild. And have given "Wider" access to "Senior-Level" members to remove inactive individuals.

                          TL:DR - Guilty Crown is now sort of a "Self-ran" community institution, rather than a privately owned guild. This will however, undoubtedly change when Bless comes to the West,

                            • Hey! We're addressing the problem. We're hoping to give more guildies power to invite and remove, since us officers aren't on all the time to actually invite people.

                                • Two things I want to point out/ask:
                                  1 - The thread you linked to still says "Teamspeak 3 is not required to be in the guild. However, highly recommended.", so it needs updating for the new rules.
                                  2 - You require Teamspeak now despite that thread saying you don't, so that makes me wonder if the part about not being required to talk on it is still true? As I said in my application, I am completely unable to use voice chat due to physical/medical issues. I can still listen to it and type on it though.

                                  EDIT: Also (Forgive my potential audacity here), but your wording is...... uncomforting. You are saying that you now require TS3 because you "don't want to make people feel excluded", but you instigate a new rule that will undeniably exclude people from joining (and possibly make some people be forced to leave). That's rather..... well, it just makes the "don't want to make people feel excluded" statement sound like a marketing pitch as a result. Again, sorry if this seems audacious against authority, but I had to state my opinion on that.

                                  Talking is not required. However in the future, obviously as a guild we hope to participate in Guild PvP which obviously requires the ability to listen for coordination purposes and etc. So that's completely fine!

                                  And thanks for the heads up, we'll update that right away.

                                    • Update - Due to the limited spots and etc.

                                      We're now unfortunately requiring applications and TS3. Reason for this being is obviously because we're hoping to consolidate a guild-core for the eventual arrival of the Western release. And because majority of the guild is active on TS3, therefore we don't want to make people feel excluded.


                                        • Nothing's been confirmed. If you read the interview, it clearly stated that they're on "Final-stages of contract negotiations". Though the article/interview seems to be conducted by Daum, it's still in the air.

                                          To be honest, it wouldn't really surprise me considering that Daum recently just opened up a Western Office located in NA. Therefore, that kind of investment needs to make back quick returns. You just don't open up an oversea office unless you're pretty sure your product is going to be able to penetrate the market.

                                          Having Bless and Black-Desert under their wing would literally make Daum Communications one of the most single-power players in the Western Publishing business, rivaling more older and established companies such as Nexon, and Aeria Games.

                                          TL:DR - If Daum does get it, it stands to gain a lot of benefits. Essentially removing potential competition, and staging itself as a power-house in the Western Publishing business. I wouldn't be surprised if Daum has other negotiations for bringing over Asker (Project Blacksheep) as well.

                                            • I'm very interested in this guild. This is a Heiron guild, right? This thread doesn't say anywhere in it what faction it is.

                                              I'm new here, obviously, but I am well known on Blade and Soul Dojo, if any of you know me there.

                                              Mascu is neutral. So it should be able to choose Hieron or Union. However, since you already chose a faction I don't know if you can switch

                                                • The closest rumor we have regarding NA or even West is based on an article published by Daum. It stated that more information on the subject would be revealed in a Press-Release on March.

                                                    • I'll look into it. But I haven't maxxed out crafting yet. I know some people are working on it as well.

                                                      The Fatigue cost for crafting is all across the board.

                                                      Hypothesis - Your Lvl affects fatigue cost in crafting. Higher level you are, less fatigue cost.