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    True, i guess people who abandoned the game, also abandoned the forum here. So, most of them. Thats stupid, the game doesnt deserve to be abandoned that way, especially now it will become free, more people will gather around. I think so..

    Since i saw the recent news about making Bless Online F2P, i felt like they finally plan to do some good. Lets be honest, B2P its not a good option for failed and poor games like Bless Online. When the developers released the very first beta(early access) with the payment of paying much more than 30euros?(or dollars, i dont remember), many people really did paid over 100 dollars and i was shocked at that, believing its impossible. But then, you players who paid got scammed and deceive by the people developing and making the game. I really felt that something was going to be not right. Im very interested playing Bless Online, ofcourse i am, because i love playing new games(even if this one is old and failed. Anyway..). In other words, B2P was a destructive option at the first moment in this game. Also, i read that the Korean servers shutted down. Okay, thats makes me a little bit anxious if this is going to happen even in the US/EU Bless Online servers. But hey! F2P may be beneficial for this game. Not all free to play games are failed. Patience is what needs now and little by little maybe the game will get a better improvement. ;)