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    I personally believe in law and order which is why I chose to be Hieron. Law creates order, order creates stability and stability creates prosperity. A wise man once said: Without rules, we're nothing more than savage animals. I agree with this wisdom. To obey a nations laws, is to respect and honor them and their customs. It shows you can exercise restraint and work together as a community for the good of the people and the nation. For the Hieron!

    Dungeon Finder has it's pros and cons but as it stands in Bless right now, the Dungeon Finder is very poorly implemented. They are going to need to work on it if they ever intend on it actually working. Now as far as other games go, some games handle the system fine while others don't. Obviously WoW set the precedent of the system so it's community is embedded in the whole culture of Dungeon Finder. In FFXIV it is a much more toxic entity. There are literally threads upon threads of people complaining about people trolling in Dungeons just to grief people for the sake of doing it. Exponentially multiply that problem and you get BNS which because of the way Dungeon Finder is implemented, is almost essentially void of a real sense of community. BNS is literally the only MMO I walked away from where I didn't make any long term friends. MMO's are about establishing communities and if the DF isn't implemented correctly then it can potentially destroy that community.

    I have to agree with you completely on the whole thing about BnS. I wanna add to what you said. It is true that the game made it hard for you to befriend people unless you joined a guild. And yes the main reason was because of the dungeon finder tool. You couldn't play with those people unless you were doing server wide dungeons, so trying to befriend them would be pointless. but unfortunately, that feature of dungeoneering was the only and efficient way of gearing up and/or lvling. The feature worked great, finding a group didn't take long at all. but it pretty much killed the community and possibility of meeting people and playing together unless like I said, you were in a guild and could just do all that with them. But imo the main thing that I disliked about the game was the dungeon finder tool. It, and the instanced zones working together completely killed my emersion. It made the game feel alot less massive, being able to teleport to every place and having all zones be instanced. And when it came time to grind. You weren't even in the world, you were in some lobby waiting to do a dungeon. It sucks and I hope Bless onlines match making doesn't turn into that.